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Hero’s Pets is a leading retailer in the natural pet supplies market. Founded in 2007 in Littleton, Colorado, the company operates a retail store that offers more than 6,500 products from local and ethical national and international manufacturers in the natural, organic, and eco-friendly pet supply market. Our website is currently being professionally redone and we will soon have an online store soon too!

With 13 years of extensive nutritional research and experience in the pet industry, Chelsea Kent developed a diverse, comprehensive education and perspective in holistic nutrition and product integrity by working closely with the owners of multitudes of holistic pet companies and complimentary medicine practitioners including Nutritional Biochemists, Nutritionists, Microbiologists, Veterinarians and many more.

Working as a product rep in the pet food industry taught Chelsea that good information must be found at the source, from the owners of the companies, and not from the reps. Upon understanding the rules, regulations, and practices in the pet food industry, Chelsea and her mother, Kathy, decided to open Hero’s Pets with the intention of creating a place where consumers can come to trust that the products don’t just SAY they are quality but have verified their claims through documentation and evidence.

Founded in 2007, Chelsea and Kathy were the only employee’s for the first several years of business.

With a passion for pets, research, and spreading their message of whole food nutrition and higher standards they created a loyal customer base that necessitated the hiring of their incredible, well educated, empathetic staff. There is now a com- bined base of 54 years of animal nutrition and behavioral knowledge among the staff of Hero’s Pets. This standard of excellence and commitment to education fuels the future growth of Hero’s Pets with a focus on setting new standards for the entire pet supply industry.

Hero’s Pets philosophy takes all aspects of health into consideration including nutrition, behavior, treats/chews, environmental factors, vaccine and medication history, exercise and home life. At the heart of our mission, even beyond offering healthful and eco-friendly pet products, lies a desire to impact our community via education and responsible consumerism. Hero’s Pets continues to partner with local businesses in an effort to seek truth, demand quality, choose health, and shop local.


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