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Have you ever wondered why your vet says raw food isn't safe?

Want to know how a "Prescription Food" works & what makes it "Prescription"?

Need a list of "Hot" and "Cold" foods and conditions?

Want to know which food is healthiest for your pet?

Have you ever wondered about the health and safety of synthetic vitamins & minerals?

Do you want to know how to get your finicky eater to try new things?

What are the pro's and con's of vaccinations and heart-worm medication?

What's a titer test and how will it affect my pet?

... learn all this and much more on our blog!!!

The Nutrient You Don’t Know Your Pet Needs That Could Save Their Health and Life

Hero’s Pets now carries a locally made Micro-Particle Colloidal Copper.  When we first heard about this we were like, “Uhhh…. I don’t know about that” but after some research we are totally stoked!!!  Here’s why: Did you know that copper is amazing at killing antibiotic resistant bacteria? Watch these videos! Copper Toxicity: First […]

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Nature’s Miracle Liver Cure

In a world where most dogs and cats (and even most people) eat highly processed diets, are on daily meds (such as thyroid supplementation) and are exposed to an increasingly toxic world, the liver takes a daily beating. The liver is responsible for the detoxification of, well, life.  Every tiny toxin that goes into the […]

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How to treat your UTI or Incontinence without destroying the gut

Prior to the advent of antibiotics and sulfa drugs, the leaves and branches of an evergreen shrub called Uva Ursi were used in the treatment of UTI’s, cystitis, urethritis, nephritis, pyelitis and pyelonephritis. For UTI’s, it is the Hydroquinone derivative, Arbutin, that is the chief active compound in Uva Ursi. It is absorbed by the […]

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Miracle Cures for Everything? Yup… Nature Knows Everything

Some of Hero’s Pets favorite supplements are made by nature.  We’ve learned over the years that nature knows way more than man and we tend to primarily recommend products that can’t be on a shelf for a long time because, as it turns out, nature isn’t really into shelf stable junk.  Here are some facts […]

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The Science Behind High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP)

Scientific Evidence of Effects of HPP on Meat Products High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) claims to decrease the potential of pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E.Coli in raw meat pet food products while still maintaining the “raw” integrity. How does HPP work?  HPP is a non-thermal, cold processing technique in which the food, in […]

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FDA Recommendations conflict with their own data

  Science and statistics published by the FDA contradict statements made by the FDA about raw pet foods Data reported by the FDA demonstrates that raw unprocessed foods are safe. Yet this might surprise most people, including representatives of the FDA itself, since FDA recommendations state the opposite of the FDA reported data. Cooking and drying are processes […]

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Comparison of Pet Food Recalls by Category from 2007 – 2016 – 

Information was collected from the Official FDA website (where all recalls are listed) – Raw Frozen – (9 total) NO ILLNESSES OR DEATHS HAVE EVER BEEN REPORTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH RAW FOODS THAT ARE MANUFACTURED FOR PETS (Though many have been reported from grocery store sourced- home made diets) Vital Essentials Chicken Patties (Salmonella) 1.15.16… […]

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Behind the scenes at Hero’s Pets

** The hardest part of managing Hero’s Pets… ———————————————————— ———————————————————— …is dumping a beloved brand of pet food. It’s inconvenient and people question why we’d ban a brand when other stores who claim to have a similar mission are happy to sell it. We want to share the following story to give you a little […]

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