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Our Mission is to offer as much up-to-date information regarding dogs and eats, types of foods (raw vs.dry vs. dehydrated vs. canned), vaccinations, health concerns and more. We hope you enjoy the information and links we provide. If you ever have suggestions for additional helpful information for the public, please let us know as we’re always open to recommendations!


*Quality Sourcing – All ingredients and materials must be sourced from safe, natural, eco-conscious, ethical companies.

*Excellent Quality Control – Regular testing is done on final products to verify they are of the highest possible integrity and free of contaminants. Products are manufactured in facilities that maintain a reputation of cleanliness, reliability, and high ethical standards.

*ethical – Employee and consumer well-being is taken into consideration at all imes. Company strives to use only non-GMO, BPA/toxin free, non-denatured tand otherwise safe and natural components for their products.

*Eco-Conscious – All possible efforts are made to reduse, reuse, and recycle. Company strives to use Earth-friendly materials for manufacturing, packaging, and daily business use.

*Non-existent or Acceptable Recall History – Company takes initiative to maintain an exemplary standard of quality products. Should a product be compromised they are quick to adjust practices to resolve problems and issues won’t happen again.

*Quality Manufacturing Practices – Production equipment is always monitored and kept clean. Company meets or exceeds all rules, regulations and standards associated with their product. i.e. abiding by Dolphin Safe Rules, HACCP, Hallal, Kosher, NASC, ISO, USDA, (c)GMP, FDA, FTC, NRC, etc.

*Charitable Donations – Company donates to at least one good cause annually. Examples of foundations include Animal Shelters, Pet Cancer Research and Environmental Causes


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