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Archive | May, 2013

This is just one of many examples of Prescription Pet Foods

Prescription Diet® w/d® Canine Low Fat-Diabetic-Gastrointestinal For weight control, diabetic, and digestive support for dogs prone to excess weight gain Ingredients: Whole Grain Corn- High on the glycemic index, corn spikes insulin secretions aggravating diabetic and pancreatic conditions. Corn is also the number one cause of Aflotoxin poisoning and recalls in pet foods. Aflotoxins are […]

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Pet Food Mythology

These days, whether you are shopping for pet food or human food, it’s likely that you are using a much more complex selection process than people did just five years ago.  Not long ago people got most of their information about food from the front of the package, from a TV commercial, a magazine ad, […]

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Is dry food the healthiest thing for my cat?

While we only carry the best quality foods for pets, dry food is NOT the best, nor healthiest thing for your cat. It is dehydrating and starchy, making it difficult for the healthiest of cats to digest. What is the best for my cat then? Raw food is best, followed by dehydrated raw, then canned […]

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How to Convert Your Pet to a New Food

Why is my pet being picky? There are many reasons that a pet will get picky about the food they are eating and here are some things to consider. If you suspect any of these issues let us know and we’ll assist you with transition, supplementation and/or behavioral issues. 1) “What the heck is in […]

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Information About Fleas and Ticks

Colorado doesn’t normally suffer from flea and tick problems like other warmer states do. However, this year seems to be different. We have been inundated with calls about flea infestations so here are some tips for you in dealing with them. Pets that are immune compromised are more susceptible to fleas. If your pet has […]

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