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Archive | May, 2017

FDA Recommendations conflict with their own data

  Science and statistics published by the FDA contradict statements made by the FDA about raw pet foods Data reported by the FDA demonstrates that raw unprocessed foods are safe. Yet this might surprise most people, including representatives of the FDA itself, since FDA recommendations state the opposite of the FDA reported data. Cooking and drying are processes […]

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Comparison of Pet Food Recalls by Category from 2007 – 2016 – 

Information was collected from the Official FDA website (where all recalls are listed) – Raw Frozen – (9 total) NO ILLNESSES OR DEATHS HAVE EVER BEEN REPORTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH RAW FOODS THAT ARE MANUFACTURED FOR PETS (Though many have been reported from grocery store sourced- home made diets) Vital Essentials Chicken Patties (Salmonella) 1.15.16… […]

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