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Archive | April, 2018

Heartworm Facts

HEARTWORM FACTS – Prevalence, Medication and Alternative Treatment “To judge by your local veterinarian’s stern insistence on regular heartworm pills for your dog, you’d think we’re in the midst of a brutal epidemic, leaving piles of the dead in its wake. I think there’s an epidemic, too, but of a different sort: of disease-causing toxicity […]

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Healing Crisis

Changing a pet’s (or your own) nutrition, dietary, supplement, or prescription habits often leads to a period of detoxifying and cleansing. Anything that has “settled” in the body or otherwise been suppressed will find a way out. If the body is worn down from daily efforts such as digesting foods that are hard to process, […]

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What does Yunnan Baiyao do?

Yunnan Baiyao was invented in 1902 by Dr. Qu Huanzhang in Yunnan, China. Over the past 100 years, Yunnan Baiyao made its name in the fierce battlegrounds of Chinese fighting against Japanese invasion in World War II and of the Vietcong fighting against USA during the Vietnam War by saving soldiers’ lives from severe wounds. […]

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Information About Fleas and Ticks

Colorado doesn’t normally suffer from flea and tick problems like other warmer states do. However, this year seems to be different. We have been inundated with calls about flea infestations so here are some tips for you in dealing with them. Pets that are immune compromised are more susceptible to fleas. If your pet has […]

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Goat Milk FAQs

The Amazing Health Benefits of Raw Goat’s Milk Hero’s Pets is proud to carry a new line of Raw, Cultured Goat’s Milk by Answers +. Raw Goat’s Milk is the easiest most complete way to deliver raw nutrition. Answers + also makes a full line of raw foods with healing Kombucha Cultures (shown to stimulate […]

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Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Silver

First, comparing it with other brands such as Sovereign Silver: Sovereign doesn’t make a colloidal Copper, only Silver. Regarding the Silver: Particle Size: they are both .8nm …this is the smallest measurement of size possible… the smaller the molecule the more easily the cells can utilize it. Larger particle size would require an increased dosage […]

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Spay/Neuter Detriments and Benefits

Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs Laura J. Sanborn, M.S. May 14, 2007 Precis At some point, most of us with an interest in dogs will have to consider whether or not to spay / neuter our pet. Tradition holds that the benefits of doing so at an early […]

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Giardia Holistic Treatment

Giardia – Holistic Treatments “The vet said it’s not giardia” You might be right, but, as a matter of fact, a tech could potentially need to view as many as 100 slides before they actually see giardia. Just because they didn’t spot it doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t have it. Unfortunately, some pets get sick […]

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Fish Stock FAQ

Q: What Will Fermented Fish Stock do for my pet’s joints? Contains glucosaminoglycans (GAGs), a major component of joint cartilage High in anti-inflammatory amino acids arginine, glycine, and proline High in gelatin, coats, and acts like a shock absorber Q: Why will the stock be good for my pets with Thyroid conditions? Excellent source of […]

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