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Have you ever wondered why your vet says raw food isn't safe?

Want to know how a "Prescription Food" works & what makes it "Prescription"?

Need a list of "Hot" and "Cold" foods and conditions?

Want to know which food is healthiest for your pet?

Have you ever wondered about the health and safety of synthetic vitamins & minerals?

Do you want to know how to get your finicky eater to try new things?

What are the pro's and con's of vaccinations and heart-worm medication?

What's a titer test and how will it affect my pet?

... learn all this and much more on our blog!!!

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Eye Opening Study Done Comparing Kibble and Raw Pet Food

We all know fresh foods like eggs, apples and broccoli are healthier than breakfast cereal (the equivalent of kibble as pet food.) But many pet owners still hesitate to refute their veterinarian’s advice. Even if that advice conflicts with common sense we’re conditioned to accept it. Luckily more and more scientific evidence supporting fresh feeding is published every day.

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Vaccinating Small Dogs: Risks Vets Aren’t Revealing

Vaccinating Small Dogs: Risks Vets Aren’t Revealing Posted: 30 Sep 2009 12:01 AM PDT with  At last, a smoking gun … discovered pointing directly at Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, Maltese, Yorkies and other small dogs … in fact, pointed at all dogs receiving multiple vaccines during one clinic visit. Many scientific studies and taskforce reports have […]

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How do I get pills and supplements into my pet?

For some owners, providing medication to their pets is a nightmare no matter how many times we tell them that we’re giving it because we love them, they just don’t listen. Also, some medications taste so bad that even pets that understand how much you love them and want to take it can’t get it […]

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Raw Goat Milk Diet Info

The goat milk diet was developed for humans by the Mayo Clinic in the 1930’s. They called it “The Milk Cure”. Our mother Julia, (Jacqueline and Roxanne’s) read about it in a books the company was using for research, The Untold Story of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid. It explained the protocol of ingesting nothing […]

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The Raw Bone and other chew bone options

What’s the difference between Beef and Bison? Bison bones are a little smaller than Beef bones (weird, right?) and Beef is more commonly an allergen than Bison.  If you have a dog that is potentially allergic to any proteins we recommend giving Bison bones. Can I give them to cats, too? What about pets with […]

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