Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Silver

First, comparing it with other brands such as Sovereign Silver:
Sovereign doesn't make a colloidal Copper, only Silver.
Regarding the Silver:
Particle Size: they are both .8nm
...this is the smallest measurement of size possible... the smaller the molecule the more easily the cells can utilize
it. Larger particle size would require an increased dosage to benefit the body as most of the dose would be directly
They are both listed as 99.99% pure
Micro-Particle products are less expensive than Sovereign Silver.... dramatically less if you're considering the ppm.
Parts per million:
Sovereign Silver is 10ppm
Micro-Particle Silver is 500ppm
Micro-Particle Copper is 10ppm
... what is a part per million? It is how many drops of an ingredient you would find in 1 million drops of distilled
water (or 50 liters = 1,690.5 ounces = 28,349.52mg/oz = 47,924,863.56mg/million drops). So you would find 10
drops of purified silver in 1,690.5 ounces of water if you had 10ppm. How much is THAT? 1 ounce is 900 drops...
so as an example, 500 drops (or 500ppm) would be 0.56 ounces of Silver in 1,690.5 ounces of water... or 0.0003%
Ok... so back to just Copper....
Here are a couple of video's on how amazing copper is at killing bad things:
Copper Toxicity:
First it's good to know if there is any chance of toxicity, especially with our products...
The only cases I can find that show actual cases of copper toxicity are when:
1) there is a genetic condition that causes it (in humans that can be Wilson's Disease (people with this disease do
not live past the age of 3),
2) Menke's disease (this is extremely rare)
3) in people that took 60mg/day (keep that number in mind) for 3 or more years (resulting in severe liver and kidney
4) when taken with suicidal intent
5) In Bedlington Terriers - they may develop a copper storage disease where their hepatic function is altered. This
is NOT the same function as it is in humans.
- While its not listed a cause of full on toxicity, Estrogenic supplements such as birth control, and drugs used for the
treatment of gout, are known to cause increased levels of copper in the body (which could mean it could potentially
cause excesses)
What is it that actually causes the toxicity?
It's important to know that Copper is one of the most prevalent elements in the body, for good reason. The body
really NEEDS copper to function (keep reading). Toxicity is actually almost never caused by the quantity of copper
consumed. Rather, it is caused by a lack of circulation of copper throughout the body. What happens is that the
liver is genetically incapable of, has a dysfunction of, or has another contributing factor that causes it to hold the copper rather than sending it out to areas of the body that need it. So in addition to the liver building it (which is the
least of the issues) the body is deprived of it and MUST.... absolutely MUST have it to maintain health.

How is copper excreted?

Feces (80-90% of dietary copper). Minimally (10%) from other areas such as hair, skin and nails.
So... how much is being absorbed????
15-97% of dietary consumption... depending on age and sex, levels of dietary supplementation,
pregnancy/lactation status, forms of copper consumed and the composition of the diet.
Symptoms of toxicity:
Stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and muscle pain. In severe cases, severe kidney and liver damage,
hemolytic anemia, massive gut bleeding and death. Long term there would be oxidative damage, alzheimer's
(though correct levels prevent the formation of plaques in the brain of Alzheimer's patients, as well as decreases
spinal fluid levels which is a marker in Alz. disease), parkinson's, altered immune function, diabetes and
Compared to the 60mg/day for 3+ years, how much is in our products?
Our product has 10ppm, so 10 drops in every 28,349.52 mg of water and 47,924,863.56mg in a million drops of
60mg would be 0.002% of one ounce
10ppm is 0.000000021% of one ounce.
To get to toxicity you would have to consume 10,000 ounces of Colloidal Copper PER DAY (that's 625 pounds or
19.5 of our largest bottle) to get to a level that would be toxic IF you consumed that long term.
So No... our product is incapable of causing toxicity... it is Colloidal and virtually homeopathic (which is pretty
Why take ours at all if the levels are THAT low? Great it doesn't cause toxicity but there's, like, none in
"Copper absorption becomes MORE efficient with REDUCED dietary copper intake and visa versa. When
measured in humans, copper absorption was only 12% when the intake was 7.5mg/day but it increased to 36%
when the intake was 1.7mg/day."
1) Taking a colloidal copper (copper in the form of a 0.8nm particle size) = better absorption thanks to smaller
2) 10ppm = better absorption because there is less!!!
What if they are consuming Copper rich foods AND taking this supplement?
It is possible, but would be VERY hard to develop copper toxicity from foods themselves. In some cases excess
could be caused by a perfect storm of copper exposures such as consuming copper rich foods that were washed in
water sourced from copper lined pipes while taking a copper supplement and on a copper storing medication with a
mild case of a rare copper storing disease (could happen... but not likely).
That said, these are foods rich in Copper:
Liver, Seafood, Fruits and Veggies (Cruciferous, potato, mushroom, avocado, dried fruit), Seeds (sesame,
sunflower, pumpkin), Nuts (cashew, hazelnut, Brazil nut, walnut), Goat Cheese (YAY!!!), Soy products,
Chocolate/Cocoa, Wheat and whole-grain products, and drinking water from copper pipes.
- QUICK NOTE: Protein deficiency = copper deficiency (even in people). High dietary fiber diets are shown to
decrease copper absorption.
On to the good part... "the body MUST have copper," right? So what for?