Comparison of Pet Food Recalls by Category from 2007 - 2016 –

Information was collected from the Official FDA website (where all recalls are listed) -

Raw Frozen – (9 total)

NO ILLNESSES OR DEATHS HAVE EVER BEEN REPORTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH RAW FOODS THAT ARE MANUFACTURED FOR PETS (Though many have been reported from grocery store sourced- home made diets)

Vital Essentials Chicken Patties (Salmonella) 1.15.16… One batch recalled

Small Batch Duck Sliders (Salmonella/Listeria) 3.26.16… one batch recalled

OC Raw Chicken/Salmon (Salmonella) 9.25.15 … one batch recalled

Vital Essentials Beef Tripe (Listeria) 7.8.15…. two batches tested positive!tripe-recall/c1yt2

OC Raw Turkey (Salmonella) 5.15.15 … one batch recalled

J.J. Fuds Chicken (Listeria) 1.20.15 … one batch recalled

Oma’s Pride Poultry (Salmonella) 1.16.15 … one batch recalled

Steve’s Real Food Turducken (Salmonella) 3.7.13 … one batch recalled

HPP (High Pressure Pasteurized) – (16 total) No illness or deaths ever reported

Rad Cat (Salmonella and Listeria) 6.23.16

Stella and Chewy’s (Listeria) 12.11.15

Bravo Chicken and Turkey (Salmonella) 12.10.15

Northwest Natural (Salmonella) 8.10.15

Instinct chicken (Salmonella) 7.24.15

Bravo Chicken (Salmonella) 7.24.15

Stella and Chewy’s (Listeria) 7.5.15

Primal Turkey (low thiamine) 3.13.15

Bravo Chicken and Turkey (Salmonella) 9.26.14

Bravo (Listeria) 5.14.14

Bravo (Salmonella) 4.3.13

Bravo Chicken (Salmonella) 3.13.13

Nature’s Variety Instinct chicken (Salmonella) 2.15.13

Primal Chicken/Salmon (Salmonella) 6.3.11

Feline Pride Chicken (Salmonella) 7.15.10 and 7.1.10

Nature’s Variety Chicken (Salmonella) 2.12.10

Dehydrated – (2 total) No illness or deaths every reported

BDN Chicken (Salmonella and Listeria) 1.4.16 … one batch recalled

The Honest Kitchen Zeal and Thrive (Salmonella) 2.21.13 - no Salmonella was ever tested on the food.  Salmonella was only found on the drain of the Parsley supplier

Dry Food /Canned –

(We did an incomplete list (cuz it’s too long) and came up with 200 and counting)


Blue Buffalo (Salmonella) 11.25.15Halo (Mold) 10.26.15Racheal Ray Nutrish (Vitamin D) 6.4.15

Dogswell Nutrisca (Salmonella) 2.11.15 Hills Science Diet (Salmonella) 6.3.14 Iams PRESCRIPTION Food (Salmonella) 2.3.11

FDA Recall Enforcement Report (Salmonella) 11.12.14:

Eukanuba Large Breed Mature, Base Maintenance Mature, Small Breed Adult, Chihuahua Adult, Labrador Retreiver Adult, Premium Performance, Professional Small Breed Puppy, Weight Control Large Breed Adult, Maintenance Puppy, Small Breed Puppy, Boxer Adult, Large Breed Mature Adult

Iams Chicken, Weight Control, ProActive Health, ProActive Health Large Chunks, ProActive Health Small Breed Puppy, Chicken Cat, Weight Control fat, ProActive Health Chicken Cat, ProActive Health Digestive Cat, ProActive Health Hairball Adult Cat,ProActive Health Hairball Mature Cat, ProActive Health Weight Control & Hairball, Proactive Health Weight Control Adult Cat, Professional Chicken Adult Cat,

Natura (Vitamin Deficiency) 11.24.14 Pedigree (Metal Fragments) 8.31.14 Abady Chicken Cat Food (Salmonella) 4.8.14

Pro-Pet Hubbard Life Happy Hound, Joy Combo Cat and QC Plus Adult Dog (Salmonella) 2.5.14

PMI Red Flannel Cat (Salmonella) 1.25.14 Purina Chicken (Salmonella) 8.30.13

Natura (Salmonella) from 6.18.13 – Innova all dog and cat, EVO all dog, cat and ferret, Healthwise all dog and cat, Karma, Mother Nature treats

Natura (Salmonella) from 4.19.13 – Entire line of Innova, EVO, Healthwise, Karma and Mother Nature

Natura (Salmonella) from 3.29.13 – Entire line of Innova, EVO, Healthwise, Karma and Mother Nature

Hy-Vee (Aflotoxin) from 2.22.13

Natura (Salmonella) from 3.18.13 – Entire line of Innova, EVO, Healthwise, Karma and Mother Nature

Diamond, Premium Edge, 4health (low vitamin b1) from 3.10.13AvoDerm Lamb (Salmonella) from 9.11.12

Purina (Vitamin D) from 7.13.1Pedigree (Plastic Fragments) 6.30.12

Diamond Small Breed and Lamb (Salmonella) 5.21.12 Purina Veterinary PRESCRIPTION (Low Vitamin B1) 5.11.12

Natural Balance (Diamond) (Salmonella) 5.11.12Solid Gold (Diamond) (Salmonella) 5.8.12

Wellness (Diamond) (Salmonella) 5.7.12 Canidae (Diamond) (Salmonella) 5.5.12

Diamonds – Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Country Value, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Premium Edge, Professional, 4Health, Taste of the Wild (Salmonella) 5.5.12

Apex (Diamond) (Salmonella) 5.4.12 Natural Balance (Diamond) (Salmonella) 4.4.12

Diamond Puppy (Salmonella) 4.30.12 Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul (Diamond) (Salmonella) 4.26.12

Diamond Lamb (Salmonella) 4.6.12 Advanced Animal Nutrition (Aflotoxin) 12.8.11

Cargill’s Marksman, Professional and River Run Dog Food (Aflotoxin) 12.6.11

Iams Proactive Health (Aflotoxin) 12.6.11Nestle Purina Vibrant Maturity (Salmonella) 7.29.11 and 6.27.11

Wellness (vitamin deficient) 2.28.11

Kroger’s Pet Pride, Old Yeller and Value brands (Aflotoxins) 12.18.10

Blue Buffalo (Vitamin D) 10.8.10 Iams Weight Control with Hairball (Salmonella) 8.31.10       Iams Cat Foods (Salmonella) 8.29.10

Iams Veterinary PRESCRIPTION diets, Eukanuba Naturally Wild, Pure and Custom Care (Salmonella) 7.30.10

Iams Veterinary PRESCRIPTION diets (Salmonella) 7.25.10 Natural Balance Chicken (Salmonella) 6.18.10

Iams ProActive Health Cat (Vitamin Deficient) 6.9.10

Diamond – Premium Edge (Aflotoxin)  11.27.09

2007 Melamine recall involved all Dry Kibble and Canned Foods… no raw or dehydrated:

Over 100 brands were involved in the recall and more than 12,000 reports of illness were provided to the FDA in only 4 weeks:

Menu Foods –  over 50 brands of dog food and 40 brands of cat food

Hills Pet Nutrition – Savory Cuts, Dry Cat Food, Prescription M/D Feline

Proctor and Gamble Pet Care

Nestle Purina Pet Care Company – All sizes and varieties of Alpo “Prime cuts in gravy”

Del Monte Pet Products – 12+ brands of treats

Sunshine Mills-  around 20 brands of dry dog biscuits

Royal Canin – Medi – Cal Feline Dissolution cans, Eight varieties of Sensible Choice, Three varieties of Veterinary Diets, Six varieties of Kasco dog and One variety of Kasco Cat

Natural Balance – Venison, Chicken, Beef and Fish dog and cat

Blue Buffalo – Dry kitten and all canned and treat products

SmartPak: LiveSmart

Chenango Valley Pet Foods:  Doctors Foster and Smith, Lick Your Chops, Shop Rite, Redi-Mixt, Evolve

Diamond’s Kirkland and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

... and counting.  We can’t list all of them

Treats 2015 (11): - Blue Wilderness, Blue Kitty Yums, Good’n’Fun x 2, The Natural Dog Company, I and Love and You, Boulder Dog x 2, Nylabone, Buster’s Natural Pet Supply, J.J. Fuds

Treats 2014 (3): Jump Your Bones, Barkworthies, Pet Center, Inc.

“FDA Jerky Pet Treat Complaints (9/22/2013 to 5/8/14): = 106 pages of about 15-25 complaints per page

Treats 2013 (8): Bailey’s Choice, Diggin Your Dog, Jones Natural Chews, Kasel Associates Industries, Nutri-Vet, Kasel Associated Industries, Hartz Mountain Corporation, Milo’s Kitchen.