Eye Opening Study Done Comparing Kibble and Raw Pet Food

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For veterinarians most, if not all, nutrition education comes from Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin. That's why you'll find these foods in most veterinary offices. Veterinarians are told there's no scientific research done on raw pet foods. Without initiative to investigate further this leads to unfounded prejudices against raw diets. They may accept false claims that raw is nutritionally inadequate or dangerous.  We all know fresh foods like eggs, apples and broccoli are healthier than breakfast cereal (the equivalent of kibble as pet food.) But many pet owners still hesitate to refute their veterinarian's advice. Even if that advice conflicts with common sense we're conditioned to accept it.  Luckily more and more scientific evidence supporting fresh feeding is published every day.

Inflammatory markers in kibble fed dogs are ten times higher than those found in raw fed dogs.

According to a recent study done by Dr. Anna Hielm-Bjorkman

 Please read this article about the study. Inflammation is associated with pain, gastrointestinal distress, absorption disorders, cancers, osteoarthritis, and numerous other dis-ease processes. As pet parents looking out for the comfort and longevity of our fur babies, this is a major concern.

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An ideal diet for your pet is not much different than your own.  Your doctor would not prescribe processed food to you. In fact, they urge us to consume at least some fresh foods daily.  The same is true for our pets.  Some fresh food is better than none. All fresh food is better than some. At Hero's Pets we work with you to create the diet that fits your pet's needs, your budget and personal lifestyle.  We can help you determine the most optimal way to feed your pet that works for your family.