Hero's Misson

Every time you
spend money,
you're casting a
vote for the kind of world you want.
- Anna Lappe

The mission of Hero‘s PETS (Planetary and Ecologically Trusted Supplies) is to raise public awareness of the impact consumer decisions have not only on our own lives,
but on our community and our world. We carry only natural products from morally-conscious companies, and strive to support other independent companies in Colorado and around the US.

Herospets Mission At Hero's Pets, we believe that your pet's health depends on more than just their diet or environment. To achieve health and balance, we take into account their diet, treats, toys, chews, behavior, training, bonding, physical and mental exercise, play, environment and overall life experience. We think that to be truly healthy they must also be truly holistic. Our intensive consultation process helps us walk through all those details to determine what works best for your pets health, your family's happiness and your budget.

Read more about how we implement our mission here.