How to use Homeopathic Remedies



  • Place 1-10 pillules in the cap. One is a dose but they are very small and sometimes get stuck in the cap or tossed on the floor when administering. By placing a few extras in the cap you’ll ensure that at least one gets into your pet’s mouth.


  • DO NOT TOUCH THE PILLULES – this product is sensitive to energy. When you touch it, you may accidentally neutralize it for your pet.


  • Toss it directly from the cap into your pet’s mouth


  • Preferably, administer homeopathics at least 15 minutes after eating. You do not need your pet to have an empty stomach – you just need them to have a clean mouth.




  • If your pet is suffering an acute issue (such as an allergic reaction, foreign body, vaccine reaction, etc.) you will want to dose your pet as often as every 15 minutes. In this case you are attempting to help your pet purge something unwanted from the body in order to resolve the symptoms.


  • If your pet is suffering from a chronic issue (such as cancer, fecal incontinence, anxiety, etc.) you will want to dose your pet 2 to 3 times per day. In this case you are attempting to resolve an imbalance with a “slow but steady” approach. You will have to give your homeopathic for at least 10 days, sometimes as long as 1 year.




  • Symptoms should get better OR WORSE. They should not stay the same.  If there is no change, this is the wrong remedy.


  • If symptoms get better, they often resolve in as little as 3 minutes. In some cases, up to 72 hours. In severe and chronic cases, it may get much better temporarily but require long term use in order to prevent recurrence.


  • If symptoms get worse it is because the product is helping your pet to purge an unwanted substance from the body. This is desirable and should be supported with additional doses.  For example, if your pet has a parasite, a foxtail in their nose, a stitch that will not dissolve, a cystic infection, an intestinal blockage (in some cases), a cactus needle in their foot, etc., you want to see a worsening of gross symptoms such as bleeding, eruption, diarrhea or other symptoms as the body rids itself of the issue.  In some cases, this may appear as skin rashes or increased warts. In these cases, it is rare that it takes longer than 72 hours for symptoms to resolve.


If you have any questions, please reach out and ask us