Miracle Cures for Everything? Yup... Nature Knows Everything

Some of Hero's Pets favorite supplements are made by nature.  We've learned over the years that nature knows way more than man and we tend to primarily recommend products that can't be on a shelf for a long time because, as it turns out, nature isn't really into shelf stable junk.  Here are some facts about the most impressive nature-made products on the planet... sold at Hero's Pets -

Raw Goat Milk (cultured and straight from the goat) and Cow Milk -Solutions Pet Products Goat Milk, & Solutions Pet Products Raw Cow Milk 

- Raw Milk, like human breast milk, is nature’s perfect and complete food for developing infant digestive tracts. Raw milk is a complete diet, consisting of all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins and nutrients essential for life to not only survive, but thrive. Raw Milk provides necessary nutrients in a non-synthetic, perfectly balanced form for adult and baby pets, making it a safer and healthier alternative than synthetic vitamin/mineral supplements.

- Increasingly, nutrient absorption dis-eases such as IBD, EPI and Pancreatitis have begun to run rampant in pets. Increasing calorie consumption to compensate for weight loss caused by decreased nutrient absorption can aggravate digestive strain and potentially even amplify disease symptoms such as diarrhea and inflammation. Alternatively, Raw Milk is immediately assimilated into the digestive lining, providing complete nutrient absorption and decreasing the effort required by the intestinal villi to utilize the nutrients the body needs.

- Veterinarian’s generally recommend Hydrolyzed Protein diets for allergy conditions, however, these diets have some unfortunate down sides including MSG by-products (the result of fractionating protein amines), decreased nutrient absorption (leading to Muscle Wasting if used long term), decreased biologic value in nutrients and decreased nitrogen utilization (which may cause urinary concerns) as well as dependency on synthetic, potentially dangerous supplements. (1) Raw Milk, however, is non-synthetic, safer and absorbs immediately while also being a natural histamine reducer. Therefore, Raw Milk provides be allergy reducing benefit that hydrolyzation does but without any of the negative effects.

-As Raw Milk is a complete diet in and of itself (like breast milk for an infant), home-made diets require the addition of whole food supplements such as Solutions Goat or Cow Milk to complete the food. Additionally, these can be used in place of a synthetic vitamin/mineral supplement for any complete diets as well.

- Raw Milk diets, like in infancy, can be provided as a fasting or rehabilitation diet for detoxification or severe illness recovery. Severe allergies, EPI and cancers respond best to this diet.

- Raw Milk is a natural appetite suppressant and histamine reducer. It can be great as a between-meal snack or, in some cases, in lieu of anti-allergy pills in highly allergenic seasons.

Brands matter!!!

Solutions Pet Products is the highest quality brand available. Their goats are 100% naturally fed, humanely raised, provided herbs to increase milk nutrients and breeds are rotated to create a nutritionally complete and diverse product. In addition, Solutions is fully raw, never heated and it cultured which increases nutritional benefit for your pet. Rotation of these products provides an unrivaled variety of good bacteria to assist with increased health and intestinal bacterial balance.

OC Raw is straight from the goat, fully raw, and still complete. This type of Goat Milk is better if your pet is experiencing Pancreatitis. Increased enzymes (found in cultures) may exacerbate Pancreatic conditions.

- We feel Steve’s Goat Milk is moderate quality because it contains coconut flour and chia seeds (both of which have benefits but also potential disadvantages such as anti-nutrients that may cause leaky gut when used long term).

- We do NOT recommend Primal Goat Milk, ever, as it contains Turmeric and is sold in a plastic container. We LOVE turmeric, but it emulsifies fats and plastics. So, when kept for extended periods of time in plastic it actually EATS the plastic and pulls endocrine inhibitors into the product. Endocrine inhibitors may lead to endocrine disorders such as diabetes, Cushing’s, pancreatitis, thyroid imbalances, etc. If you’d like to add Turmeric to your pets diet it should be purchased in glass container and mixed with ginger or black pepper to increase absorbability. Hero’s Pets sells Solutions brand of Turmeric/Ginger that may be added to food or milk supplements.

Fish Broth and Bone Broth (Holy Amazing, Batman!! Is this even real????) -

Solutions Bone Broth Based Fish Broth and Chicken Broth

- These are great topper for picky eaters and super healthy for a lot of reasons:


- Vitamin D is a primary mediator of the immune system. Known for its function in preventing cancer, regulating minerals, building bones and regulating hormones. It is essential to maintain in sufficient levels of Vitamin D to prevent dis-ease. Synthetic Vitamin D can cause calcification of the heart, bone loss, kidney failure, weakened immune function, allergic reactions and toxicity (and is a primary ingredient in Rat Poison) therefore natural whole-food sources of Vitamin D from products like Fish Broth.

- Vitamin D must be received through the diet, not the sun, in all animals with hair/fur. Without Vitamin D other minerals act “drunk” and get lost in the body because Vitamin D is the moderator that instructs them of their jobs. Vitamin D deficiency increases the likelihood of problems with the kidney's (stones/crystals), bones, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, spleen, etc. Supplementing with non-synthetic Vitamin D found in Fish Broth, coupled with natural, non-synthetic Vitamin K (found in grass-fed butter), can prevent as well as break up urinary stones/crystals.

- Vitamin A, which is added to most Vitamin D supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, inhibits Vitamin D absorption. Non-synthetic forms of Vitamin D do not contain nutrients that inhibit the benefits of other nutrients in them, making Fish Broth and Kvass better alternatives for supplementation.

- Fish Broth and Chicken Broth are great sources of easily absorbable macro and trace minerals that trigger metabolic enzymes which enhance the healing process. They are particularly high in inorganic ions such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Sulphate, Arganine, amino acids, collagen and many other compounds that also comprise the constituents of muscle and ligament tissues themselves. Bone Broth based products are particularly beneficial for tissue reparation as they are made of all the components of the complete tissue matrix, unlike supplemental Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are only single inadequate components.

- Fish Broth and Chicken Broth are high in the amino acid Glycine which is known to have calming effects that may help with sleep.

- Fish Broth is high in Iodine that supports thyroid health. Iodine also helps the protect the body from radiation.

- Bone Broth based products such as Fish Broth and Chicken Broth are high in collagen. Vitamin C is necessary to synthesize collagen in the body which also converts proline in hydroxyl proline. Supplemental collagen can decrease problems with bleeding gums, bruising, poor wound healing, soft tissue injuries, cartilage and bone injury (including dental… as a matter of fact it can re-mineralize teeth).

-Chinese studies have shown gelatin to increase red blood cell and hemoglobin count, increase serum calcium levels, increase the absorption and utilization of calcium and prevent and treat myotonia atrophica (muscle wasting).


- Supplementing with Glucosamine and Chondroitin alone is like building a skyscraper with only rebar and cement… those are valuable components, but many other materials are necessary to support the entire structure. The bio-available, non-synthetic, un-isolated collagen in  Fish Broth and Chicken Broth make them ideal for repairing holes and damage in the joints, kidneys, liver, thyroid, skin/coat, and all tissues. This is the result of the product being made, naturally, from all the components of the tissue matrix rather than a few isolated components.

- High in Astaxanthin – a natural sunscreen and potent antioxidant

- High in Vitamin B12 – is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells and many other parts of the body. It’s notoriously used as supplementation for diabetes, sleep disorders, depression, weak bones, swollen tendons, IBD, asthma, skin allergies, macular degeneration, Lyme disease, ringing in the ears, MS, and protection against poisons and allergens.

- Fish Broth contains 33mg/ounce of Taurine, which is necessary for eye and heart health as well as protein metabolism. Taurine is necessary for cats and beneficial for dogs, especially those on low protein diets or with protein losing diseases or absorption issues.


- High in natural Omega 6 and Omega 3 for skin and coat– isolated omega oil supplements (such as Salmon Oil) are often heated (making them carcinogenic), are often preserved with Ethoxyquin (a cancer-causing preservative that is often not listed on the label) and can easily go rancid (increasing the internal toxic load). Fish Broth offers the healthy Omegas you’re seeking in fish oil without carcinogens, heating, toxic preservatives or rancidity

- Fish Broth is high in Choline (regulates weight), Sodium (necessary mineral), Selenium (a necessary mineral that is extremely toxic in its synthetic form... thus, making Fish Stock a much safer way to get it).


- Fish Broth and Chicken Broth are naturally high in arginine which assists the kidneys in utilizing proteins more effectively. Many pets with kidney problems are put on low protein diets, resulting in Muscle Wasting (where the body consumes its own tissues to survive due to protein deficiency). Pets with protein metabolism problems or low protein diets will benefit from arginine in the diet to regulate protein usage without causing muscle wasting.

- Arginine has also been found to be particularly beneficial for the treatment of sepsis and whole-body inflammation

-Fish Broth is high in CoQ10 (that converts to Ubiquinol) which assists in maintaining heart health and tissue elasticity


- Raw products provide a diverse range of “good bacteria” that rebalance gut health. Each strain of bacteria works like a Chess piece, each with a different job, strength and weakness. Supplementing with pre/pro-biotics and enzymes found in pilled products limit the number of bacteria, and thus Chess pieces, available to fight an effective battle within the gut. Rotating through a variety of  products such as Solutions Goat Milk, raw Cow Milk,  Fish Broth and Chicken Broth is the ideal way to diversify gut bacteria and ensure health, however, even providing one single fermented product will provide as many as 292 more strains of good bacteria than even the best shelf stable pills or powder can provide.

- Gelatin prompts digestive fluid secretion, stimulating appetite and providing better digestion of nutrients in the food.

- Gelatin is a hydrophilic colloid. It attracts and holds liquids, including digestive juices, thereby supporting proper digestion.


- Fish Broth and Chicken Broth contain high levels of GAG’s (glycosaminoglycans) such as glucosamine, chondroitin and other nutrients (inorganic ions, organic phosphates, soluble carbs, amino acids, nitrogenous bases, intracellular concentrations…) that act as anti-inflammatories

- As noted above, Arginine, Omega’s, Glycine, Proline and CoQ10 also assist in decreasing inflammation, repairing joints and increasing elasticity of tissues in the body.

How much do these miracle juices cost???? They are highly inexpensive and they tend to LOVE them alone as treats or in their food!!! We understand that these products sound way too good to be true, however, we at Hero’s Pets have verified the science that proves that the most effective healing comes from nature and its whole foods rather than man’s synthetic attempts to re-create nature (did you know that scientists worked to find every identifiable nutrient in Bee Pollen and when they made a synthetic version of it and fed it to bees all the bees died? Man can’t re-create the perfection of nature… so we are happy to promote “miracle products” made from natures miraculous ingredients. As an added benefit, nature costs less, is more effective and is safer than man-made alternatives.

1) http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/89/6/1846.full