Poo Booster

Cascara Sagrada is from the bark of a species of Buckthorn Tree and is literally translated to “Sacred Bark” in Spanish.

This product is for constipation.  It should not be used for more than 1 week as it contains Anthroquinones which irritate the intestinal lining, stimulating peristalsis and evacuation.  Anthraquinones also inhibit the reabsorption of electrolytes and water from the colon… softening the stool.  Negative long term effects are for obvious reasons.

As “Poo Booster” implies it is for “Boosting” the movement of Poo… if something like that is needed long term you should switch to a different herbal product that is intended to tone and regulate the digestive system and it's health, as well as consider diagnostic imaging to identify potential masses in the intestines. These types of herbal blends are much safer for long term use and tones the digestive system without dehydrating the body, over taxing the liver, or overstimulating the intestines long term. Poo Booster shouldn’t be given to those with existing liver disease more than once a month (one single dose) and not in high doses. If it is overdosed and does cause an increase in liver enzymes it is rapidly reversible by stopping use.

While we’ve sold a lot of this and never heard of a customer saying that their pet wouldn’t eat it, one of our old employees says, in regards to the taste, “what it just did to my mouth is illegal in 48 states. It offended senses I didn't know I had.” What can we say - dogs eat poop. This product should probably be put in a pill if used by humans though.