Shilajit and Fulvic Acid

Shilajit is a thick, sticky tar-like substance predominately found in the Himalayas and Tibet Mountains. It contains at least 85 ionic minerals, triterpenes (good for malaria, expectorant (bronchitis and lung congestion), natural pesticide), humic acid and fulvic acid. It also contains vitamins A, B complex, P (citrines), phospholipids, polyphenol complexes and microelements such as cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron, magnesium, etc. Shilajit and all its nutrients are good for decreasing pain and inflammation, anti-aging (mentally and physically), anti-anxiety, anti-stress, anti-ulcer and cognitive enhancement.

Fulvic Acid is great for detoxifying heavy metals.  It’s a powerful free radical scavenger, antioxidant, it allows minerals to regenerate, it transports nutrients, catalyzes enzyme reactions

For internal use benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Alleviates anemia
  • Chelates body toxins
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Potentizes vitamin & mineral supplements
  • Magnifies the effect of herbal teas and tinctures
  • Chelates all monovalent and divalent metals
  • Is a powerful natural electrolyte
  • Restores electrochemical balance
  • Stimulates body enzyme systems
  • Helps rebuild the immune system

For external use benefits include:

  • Treating open wounds
  • Healing burns with minimum pain or scarring
  • Eliminating discoloration due to skin bruises
  • Killing pathogens responsible for athletes foot
  • Acting as a wide spectrum anti-microbial and fungicide
  • Treating rashes and skin irritations
  • Helping to heal cuts and abrasions
  • Helping heal insect bites and spider bites
  • Neutralizing poison ivy and poison oak

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Shilajit and Fulvic Acid are one-and-the-same because Shilajit is naturally high in Fulvic Acid. Therefore, Fulvic Acid is NOT ADDED to Shilajit… rather, many people are looking for the benefits of Fulvic Acid found in Shilajit, not the product called Shilajit, and wouldn’t know where to find it if it didn’t say “Fulvic Acid” on it.