Training Devices at Hero's Pets

ALL training devices can be harmful if YOU are not trained to use them properly!!! Your pet will not simply “respond” to a training device simply because they are wearing it.  YOU must be trained to communicate through the device. Training devices are simply methods of creating consistent communication with your pet.  To do this effectively you must understand WHAT and HOW to communicate with that particular training device.  Please ask if you need assistance in understanding a particular product or if you need a referral to a trainer that may assist you.

  • Gentle Leaders and Face Harnesses – we only carry the Slip’N’Go lead because it attaches to the dogs head from behind the ears, decreasing the potential of severe damage to the cervical vertebrae.  We do NOT recommend Gentle Leaders or face harnesses that clip under the chin.
  • Easy Walk no-pull Harnesses – We only carry Ruffwear Front Range Harnesses that work as a no pull harnesses.  These V-Neck harnesses are safer for the long term health of your dogs shoulder structure.  They also don’t loosen like the Easy Walk, decreasing the chances of your pet escaping from their harness.
  • Prong collars – We STRONGLY suggest that other products be used in lieu of prong collars.
  • Chains – These can be very effective but ONLY when used properly.  They should never be tight for more than a split second (count ‘em out… less than one).  We strongly recommend that you do not use chains unless you have been trained to effectively and safely use it without causing injury.
  • Shock collars – We do not sell shock collars and will not special order them.  If you are working with a responsible trainer that understands how to use them appropriately and respectfully they can be very effective.  However, we feel these should only be purchased and used with the direct supervision of a trainer.  Just like a car, you need to learn to drive it safely.

Note: we do know there is a device labeled “electric dog collar”… it is a vibration ONLY remote control collar, which is incredibly useful for blind, deaf or blind/deaf dogs. It does not have a setting for shocks.

  • WHY WE DON’T CARRY Retractable LeadsCLICK HERE
  • Dogs are very social animals and putting an untrained dog on a retractable lead is like letting a toddler drive a car.  It is stressful and unsafe.  Dogs on retractable leads are more likely to attack other dogs and children, get attacked by other dogs and wildlife, injure other people, injure themselves, consume strange objects without the owners knowledge, etc.