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Founded by Tigger Montague in Charlottesville, Virginia, Biostar goes above and beyond in every way.

Highly transparent sourcing: All ingredients are sourced from small, conscientious suppliers that are USDA Certified Organic, EU and Canada Certified Organic, and Non-GMO Project Certified. Each ingredient is researched to determine how it is grown, methods of harvest, how it is produced (freeze-dried, drum-dried (to avoid maltodextrin), extracted (to avoid solvents), dehydrated, sun-dried, kiln-dried, or pasteurized). They ensure high nutrient bioavailability by utilizing dehydrating and freeze-dry processing (not cooking or high-heat processing). All ingredients are tested for efficacy, palatability and moisture content (to avoid mold) before they're used or released. BioStar will not use chemical ingredients such as commercial MSM or glucosamine sulfate (which requires stabilizers) in their formulas. This allows you to use lower doses because the bioavailability is much greater with whole food. Last, they will never degrade the quality of their blends by using soy, wheat, corn, canola, sugarcane, or ingredients derived from these foods such as lecithin, petrochemicals or coal tar by-products, dried distillers’ grains, vegetable oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, emulsifiers, natural flavors, sucrose, dextrose, or maltodextrin.

Each quarter, Biostar choses a charity and a percentage of product sales goes directly to it. Charities range from horse and dog rescues, to environmental organizations, to sustainable agriculture initiatives. In 2017 BioStar launched its sister company, Changing Tides, an initiative to promote environmentally sustainable products made by companies, artists, and organizations that are actively seeking solutions to global issues.

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