Collection: Carna4

In 2010, David Stauble and Maria Ringo started Carna4. Named after the ancient Roman goddess Carna – she was believed to protect the heart, lungs and liver, help the body derive nourishment from food and convert it to health and strength. Made in Canada, Carna4 ensures its sourcing is sustainable, drug-free, non-GMO and humane. They use Organic Sprouted Seeds and Wild-Caught Fish.

Carna4 is the only easy-feed kibble on the market that takes the health of your pet into account – we know that’s a big statement but read this page to understand why. Carna4 is complete & balanced using exclusively whole-food nutrition (no synthetics), a sprouted base (lower anti-nutrient load and higher nutrient absorption than any other kibble), quick baking (fewer carcinogens), and clean sourcing.