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We offer a variety of chews available to keep your dog busy and happy! It is important to keep in mind that your dog may not be an appropriate candidate for some of our more durable and tougher chews. We do not recommend hard chews such as weight-bearing bones, knuckle bones, and antlers for puppies, senior dogs and aggressive chewers. Puppies up to one year and up to two years in large breeds (basically until they have all their adult teeth) should not have hard chews because their teeth are not fully developed yet and hard bones can cause dental damage. Senior dogs aged 7+ years for large breeds and 9+ years for medium/small breeds should not have tough bones because of their brittle and worn teeth which can cause tooth fractures and breaks that can be extremely painful for dogs and cause expensive vet bills for owners. Aggressive chewers also have a risk of breaking a tooth due to how hard they chew and they also have a possibility of breaking off large pieces that can be dangerous to swallow. In general, it is crucial to your pet’s health to choose appropriate chews based on your pets age and personality. If your pet does not seem like they are a good candidate for these durable chews check out our puppy and senior friendly chews for other options.

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  • Anderson's ColoRAWdo Bison Frozen Chews
    Anderson's ColoRAWdo Bison Frozen Chews
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