Collection: Meat-Only (Limited Ingredient)

As you may have noticed, it's pretty hard to find raw food online.  This is because shipping raw food is pretty expensive and no one has really found a way to resolve that easily. We are no different. We will gladly ship non-frozen items.

We have placed our raw food items online so you can see what we support and sell but it's unlikely we can ship it to you.  If you'd like to negotiate shipping please contact us at 303.972.1926 or If you'd like a consultation that assists you in finding it in your area please click here

Why Meat-Only/Limited Ingredient?

The Limited Ingredient Diets sold at Hero's Pets contain muscle meat, organ meat and bone. Muscle meat alone primarily provides amino acids for your pets health, yet it's highly deficient in vitamins and minerals. Organ meats and bone contain necessary vitamins and minerals for your pets health and longevity. 

You may be seeking a meat-only or limited ingredient diet due to allergies, digestive issues or other health problems or just because you want to be able to blend your meticulously selected additional ingredients. Whatever the case, these, like all meat-only diets, are not nutritionally complete according to the nutrient requirement levels established by FEDIAF or AAFCO. At a minimum, we recommend you also shop the Raw Milk section. If you'd like a consult to assist you in properly formulating a home made diet please click here

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