Collection: On a Budget?

We get it! We can't always afford "the best" but we want to get as close as we can with what we've got.  We can help!

At Hero's Pets, we can calculate how much your pets food (and other products) will cost you per month to the penny. Unlike most other stores, we base the costs not on how much it cost you to buy it, but how much it costs you to USE it. (We find that some of the "least expensive" products per pound are the most expensive to use). We are happy to help you fit comfortably in your budget and, if you need, we can incorporate the cost of chews, treats, toys, supplements and more into that number.  Click here for help. 

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  • Anderson's ColoRAWdo Beef Frozen Chews
    Anderson's ColoRAWdo Beef Frozen Chews
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