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The safety and health of your pet is our biggest priority at Hero’s Pets, which is why we only provide toys that are safe for your pet. This means we do not carry any nylon or cotton blend rope toys, since swallowing these rope fibers or strands can be extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly for your dog. The strands can become a linear foreign body and becomes dangerous when they are trying to pass through the digestive tract.

Alternatively, we offer chemical free hemp ropes which are composed of natural hemp fibers making them digestible for your pet. Another alternative to a rope toy would be our durable tug toys. It is important to acknowledge that no pet toy is indestructible and it is important to always supervise your pet when they are using them. Dogs with behavioral issues such as aggression should be monitored while playing a game of “Tug-O-War”. Teaching proper rules such as not allowing your pet to touch you during the game and teaching them “drop it” will prevent aggressive behavior when playing “Tug-O-War”. Ultimately, our rope and tug toy options will keep your pet safe and healthy if used appropriately and under supervision.
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