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Hero's Pets does not sell High-Pressure Pasteurized (HPP) sterilized food. According to a lawsuit in the juice industry, HPP products are NOT RAW. 

Further, cleanly sourced, healthy meats do not need to be sterilized. Many pet foods that do HPP do so because they are purchasing inferior quality "pink slime" (aka Mechanically Separated or Mechanically Deboned) meats. In our opinion, you shouldn't have to pay more for inferior meat and more processing when you can get superior meat with less processing. 

Read this article by Dr. Karen Becker, DVM on Mercola Healthy Pets regarding HPP and this article about the damaging effects of HPP on meat products. 

A few popular products that HPP are Primal, Steve's Real Food, Northwest Naturals, Stella & Chewy's, Instinct and Stewarts. 

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