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WO Founder, Josh Allen, returned from Montana from a trip to Ethiopia in the fall of 2012. He had spent time in local villages and in Addis Abbaba (the capital city of Ethiopia) working with widows and orphans. He was astonished at how difficult it was to get resources and supplies for regular health care and nutrition to the area. While there, he felt called to commit to ensuring these widows and orphans had an adequate source of home-cooked meals and nutrition. Based on his familiarity with natural pet products, he decided to develop a line of pet toys to sell across the country. He would dedicate a percentage of the sales to the purchase of nutritional aid for Widows & Orphans in Ethiopia; and thus started WO (W for widows and O for orphans).

With every purchase of a WO product, we donate 2 meals to orphaned children and widows via their Impact Partners. Your money goes straight into the hungry bellies of beautiful children and strong mothers, not to administrative costs … guaranteed. 

WO toys are made in the USA, Recyclable, FDA Compliant, BPA Free and Buoyant

With your help, they've donated Over 100,000 Meals to Orphans and Widows in Ethiopia. 

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