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Hero’s Pets Seal of Approval

gold, Silver and bronze level

Here at Hero’s Pets we go to great lengths to make sure we have the best of the best products for your pet.  This is not always easy, for us or for you.  Hero’s Pets customers are certainly some adventurous, open-minded and quality seeking types of people. We really respect and admire our customers for these values which bring us together in search of good things.

There are many products that we would like to carry because they are well promoted by their manufacturers and popular because of their advertising and wide distribution.  Many of these familiar products are ones that we appreciate because they are a great introduction to “better” options than conventional offerings one might find in big box and grocery stores.  However, our mission is to seek out the very best product in every niche: every type of product for every budget.

We have so much gratitude for our customers, for taking this journey with us, as we explore the best natural, sustainable, local, ethical and healthy products that we can possibly find for your pet.


What do these Gold, Silver and Bronze levels mean?

Gold Paw = Exceeds all Hero’s Pets high standards; is a local small business, or works closely with us to meet our standards.

Silver Paw = Exceeds all Hero’s Pets basic standards.

Bronze Paw = Meets all Hero’s Pets basic requirements.

No Paw  = Product requested by our customers, supplied for their convenience, to be used as their own experience dictates. Please let us know if there is something we can order for you.  If our distributors carry it, we might be able to find it for you.
If we can’t get it, we will do everything we can to find a good replacement for you.

Standard criteria:

* Quality Sourcing – All ingredients and materials sourced from safe,
natural, eco-conscious, ethical companies.

* Excellent Quality Control – Regular testing to verify the highest possible integrity, free of contaminants. Manufacturer maintains a reputation of cleanliness, reliability, and high ethical standards.

* Ethical – Employee and consumer well-being is considered at all times. Company strives to use only non-GMO, BPA/toxin free, non-denatured, safe and natural components.

* Eco-Conscious – All efforts made to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Earth-friendly materials for manufacturing, packaging, and daily business use.

* Non-existent or Acceptable Recall History – Company takes initiative to maintain an exemplary standard of quality products.  Quick to adjust practices to resolve problems and ensure issues won’t happen again.

* Quality Manufacturing Practices – Production equipment monitored and cleaned. Company meets or exceeds all rules, regulations and standards, abiding by Dolphin Safe Rules, HACCP, Hallal, Kosher, NASC, ISO, USDA,  (c)GMP, FDA, FTC, NRC, etc

* Charitable Donations – Company donates to at least one good cause annually. Examples of foundations include Animal Shelters, Pet Cancer Research and Environmental Causes.


Some of the other qualities we look for in our products:

         Hormone Free

         Anti-biotic Free

         Free Range

         Humanely Raised using Temple Grandin Methods

         Non-GMO (Link to a blog on why this is important?)

         Grain Free

         Made in the USA (Link to a blog on why this is important?)

         No HPP (Link to a blog on why this is important?)

         Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages

         Scientifically Formulated

         Family Owned and Operated

         Eco-Conscious with Earth Friendly Packaging

         No Endocrine Inhibitors

         No Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals

         Convenient for all sizes


         No Fillers

         No artificial colors, preservatives, salt, sugar or flavorings

         USDA Inspected




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