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The Wellness Fair

2018 Hero's Pets Wellness Fair


Connect with people who can empower you to create true wellness for your pet! Meet an exciting gathering of vendors & practitioners who share our vision. Learn about natural and alternative options for health and healing!

Meet our Holistic Veterinarians and learn about HERO’S NEW In-house Veterinary Clinic!

Educational topics:
· Ozone Therapy
· Herbs
· Acupuncture \ Chiropractic
· Vaccinations \ Titers (The truth)
· Cancer (Meet the Epigenix Foundation)
· Heartworm Prevalence & Prevention (What is the risk:benefit ratio?)
· Pet Food Industry Ethics/Regulation (Why you can’t trust what you read on a label)
· Demos:
· Product demos
· Nutrition and Food Quality Comparisons
· Underwater Treadmill Demo by Dr. Andi Harper

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Hero's Pets storefront

Here at Hero’s Pets we have enjoyed the blessing of many resources.  People committed to education, service, design and product research all contribute to achieving our mission of not only selling high quality, natural pet foods and supplies, but actually going above and beyond the standard of what is “natural.” We start with the word  natural and then we dig for more information.  Then, we try to put it into formats useful to you.

Choosing only the best of the best products for your pet is not always easy for us or for you, our customers. Hero’s Pets patrons are certainly some adventurous, open-minded and quality seeking types of people. We really respect and admire our customers for these values which bring us together in search of good things.

Our mission is to use our small space and our huge personal commitment to promote products that we believe in. . . Products so new, unique or customized that they  require one on one personal explanation for selection and use.  Many of the companies we carry have no marketing strategies or press packages. They are not focused on  profit or big business plans.  What they do have is the desire and ability to make outstanding products, for a variety of personal reasons (Our manufacturers each have a story, and we will tell it if you ask us.)  Many of them built their recipes and crafted their products for the love of one particular pet with a health problem, or an allergy, or a preference they couldn’t satisfy with mass produced products. Some simply wanted to use their local resources to make unique or environmentally friendly alternatives to common products.

But, the most important thing we have is you!!!
Thank you for being a part of our vision.


Wow. You made it all the way down here.
Thanks for reading our message.  We appreciate you, and we hope to see you at the Fair!


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