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Hero’s Pets Health Profile Questionnaire

Thank you for coming to Hero’s Pets. Our goal is to assist pet owners in determining what is best for THEIR pet, not ”what works for most people.” Our assessment process is more in depth than other stores because we want to make sure that we are recommending what we believe to be the most effective products for your pet and make sure those products fit into your budget. We also want to make sure we specifically don’t recommend anything we think might be bad for your pet (i.e. some very healthy supplements are contraindicated with certain diseases). We are not Veterinarians but we are happy to work with your Veterinarian if necessary or requested. We specialize in nutrition and product knowledge and have done extensive research to verify that what we recommend is safe and beneficial for your pet and the planet.

By filling out this questionnaire you are helping us to help you but you’re also acknowledging that we are not trying to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases your pet may have. Rather, we are trying to assist your pet in maintaining a natural, healthy balance in their system that allows them to easily enjoy a long disease-free life. We are also trying to help you assess whether or not your pet is suffering from health concerns you may have been unaware of that you need to discuss with your Veterinarian. Last but not least, we’re trying to get a ”big scope” picture of your relationship with your pet and if there is anything that isn’t working we would like to try to help you fix it.

Again, thank you for taking the time to shop with Hero’s Pets and thank you for trusting us with your best friend.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extremely high volume of consultations we are experiencing recently we have changed the payment format as follows:
The first email reply up to 2 paragraphs long is free. Subsequent replies and additional information require a $40 Deposit, redeemable with purchase, which can be paid over the phone by calling the store at 303-972-1926
In store consultations of any length are still completely free. (Also, If you have filled out the form as instructed during your in-store visit, your consultation is free. Product recommendations are also free.)

This is a list of options for cost.  Know that with these options we will continue to work back and forth with you as necessary.  We limit the FREE consultations to one email and $40 consultations are limited to 3 back and forth emails (3 from you, 3 from us). The $40 consultation may have 100% of the fee applied to products (excluding shipping).  The information will be sent to you via email so you may reference it in the future.  Since you have been referred by Sky Heartsong we can apply a 10% discount to any of these packages.If you purchase a “Comprehensive” consultation we will apply 50% of the consultation fee to product purchases (not including shipping charges).  If you purchase the “Advanced” consultation with the traditional Ayurvedic diagnostic consultation (requires birth date, time and location)… since we are not the ones to do this, we are sharing this fee with the Ayurveda practitioner, only 25% can be applied to product purchases (we feel that this is a better deal than contacting the practitioner separately so that we can work together on the healing measures rather than separately getting the information. This saves the practitioner and I both a lot of time and provides you better, more streamlined advice).  Hopefully one of these works for you. Thank you for trusting us with a consultation.

  Introductory Basic Comprehensive Advanced
What we offer Advice on: FREE $70 $150 $240
Nutrition (Diet and Supplementation) x x x X
Brand Recommendations x x x X
Links to Articles x x x X
Veterinary Recommendations x x x X
Herbs X X X
Vaccinations (How to have a safe regimen) X X X
Environment (Toys, Beds, Carpets, etc) X X X
Behavioral components X X X
Treats/Chews X X X
Emotional Components X X X
Training Recommendations X X X
Essential Oils X X
Flower Essences X X
Specific Health Concerns X X
Astrology X
Color Therapy X
Stone Recommendations X
Planetary Prescriptions x
Homeopathics X

Thank you so much for your consideration in helping us to provide our customers with the most in depth care and attention that time allows. We want to help as many people as possible, and we believe this policy will help us to reach the people and pets who really need it. (Updated: 08/25/15)


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