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Hero’s Pets blog offers the most education  and useful tips possible for you and your furry friends. We try to offer new up-to-date information regarding dogs and cats, types of foods (raw vs. dry vs. dehydrated vs. canned), vaccinations, health concerns and more. We hope you enjoy the information and links we provide. If you ever have suggestions for additional helpful information for the public, please let us know as we’re always open to ideas, requests and recommendations!!! Read the Blog

About the Newsletter

Hero’s Pets sends out two e-newsletters per month. One outlines our holistic, complimentary events such as educational seminars, chiropractics, acupuncture, grooming, animal communicators, adoptions and similar happenings. The contains an informational article, product promos, and helpful web links. Read More

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see our growing library of articles here. Read More

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Not sure what’s best???? Our consultation service allows us to assess your pet’s current diet, treats, toys, chews, behavior, training, bonding, physical and mental exercise, play, environment and overall life experience. This way we can effectively help you determine what products will work best for your your pets health, your family’s happiness, and your budget. We strive to make you and your pet truly healthy and zen. Fill out the form to the left. Read More



Hero Approved Vets, Trainers, Groomers, Pet Sitters and More

This list is ever changing based on who is fully booked, current reviews, people moving and changing jobs, etc.  If you’d like recommendations please email us at and we’ll email you back our latest and greatest list of recommended peeps!!


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