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First Aid for Your Pet with Molly Heydt, CVT Part I

11.07.15 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Chelsea or Molly

First Aid for Your Pet
First Aid & CPR for Your Pet Part I: Toxicities, Wound care, Bandaging, Trauma, Triage, CPR
$50 for a 2 hour class or $85 for both part I and part II
November 7th, from noon to 2pm
Call the store for details: 303-972-1926
Customized First Aid Kits for your Pet available at a discount during the class.

This seminar covers first aid situations such as trauma and minor illness. We’ll also discuss bandage placement, triage, and stabilization in the field/at home and how to handle things such as diarrhea
and vomiting. Also, briefly, common toxicities and how to handle them as well as signs of life threatening diseases. When it’s time to go to the ER. The process of performing CPR is different at home and at the ER, so we’ll discuss that.
Bandage materials and a basic kit are included in the cost of the seminar. Customized field and home first aid kits will be offered at an additional cost.

Some Situations we will discuss:
Lacerations, Hot Spots, Foreign Bodies (Silicea), Punctures (like from fights… Ledum) and Toenails
Heat Stroke
Snake/Spider Bites (Lachesis)
Bone Fractures (Symphytum) (Long term care)
Major Traumas (Hit by Car and Coyote Attack)
UTI’s, Blockages, Blood in the Urine (cats) (Long term care)
GDV (Bloat) (Long term care)
Pericardial Effusions and Hemoabdomens
Seizures (long term care)
Vaccine reactions (Thuja) (Long term care)
Vomiting & Diarrhea (Nux Vomica, Ipecachuana, Aloe, etc)
Bloody Diarrhea (Phosphorus)
Toxins (Arsenicum Album) (long term care)
Respiratory Distress and Heart Disease
Ear Infections (Candida Albicans) (long term care)
E-Collars: when and how to use them and alternatives
How to get your dog off the mountain
Long term care of the liver and kidneys after toxicity

-Chocolate: When it’s life threatening and when it’s not!
-Tylenol, Aspirin, and Advil: When it will cause Kidney Failure
-Sugar Free Gum (Xylitol): Low Blood Sugar and Seizures
-Compost: Muscle Tremors and Death
-Hops: Malignant Hyperthermia
-Uncooked Bread and Pizza Dough: GI Obstruction
-Star Gazer Lillies and other House Plants: Kidney Failure
-Macadamia Nuts: Hind end paresis
-Prescription Medications
-Onions/ Garlic
– Marijuana
– Cats: Essential Oils and house plants

Humans only to attend the class please… CPR practice will have to wait until you get home. 😉


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