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Ozone Therapy for Pets with Judy Jasek DVM

12.08.15 @ 2:00 pm
Ozone Therapy for Pets with Judy Jasek DVM

Ozone treatments in store, by appointment only.

Judy Jasek, DVM

Ozone is the one treatment that can help with any disease process and even slow the aging process.

Why is ozone therapy so effective?  It is a way to provide more oxygen to the cells in the body.  Without adequate oxygen, cells will degenerate and this is the cause of inflammation which leads to more serious disease processes.  Oxygen is the most essential nutrient in the body.

Ozone can directly kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Ozone will help treat:


Auto-immune disease



Age-related degeneration

Ozone therapy is affordable and safe, with no major side effects.  Ozone therapy has been used in human medicine for many decades.

Come and learn more about how ozone is given and how it can benefit your pet.

Dr Judy Jasek  is a certified Ozone practitioner


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