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Probiotics and the Digestive Health of Humans and Dogs

08.01.14 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Probiotics and the Digestive Health of Humans and Dogs

Including a demonstration on making wild fermented sauerkraut for your blended family

August 23rd, 12:00 – 1:30 pm
Workshop cost: $35.00

With Dr. Candice Akers, DVM
Cynthia Farris, Board Certified Health Coach and Certified Fermentationist 

Are you searching for ways to upgrade your family’s health — both your health and your dogs?  Looking to end digestive troubles?  Are you curious what all  the buzz is these days around fermentation and probiotics? 

Healthy digestion, and overall health, for you and your pup, requires a balanced diversity of microbes in the digestive tract.  Probiotics (friendly bacteria) are as beneficial to a dog’s system as they are to yours. Bacterial diversity supports health by:  promoting regularity throughout the intestinal tract, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, and boosting the immune system.  An added benefit is that probiotic rich foods can provide balance in the body which helps curb cravings, for sweets, carbs, or even feces!

Dr. Candice Akers, DVM will describe which pets benefit the most from probiotics. She will also review available sources with highlights on recommended products.  The question of how much and how often you should supply probiotics to your furry family will also be addressed. 

Join us for the fun and interactive class on the un-paralleled benefits of wild fermentation and other sources of probiotics for both species.  We’ll show you how to make your own special blend of fermented cabbage that your entire family will enjoy.  Samples of locally produced krauts and kimchis will also be provided.  


About the co-facilitators:
Graceful Journeys, and Dr. Candice Akers, DVM, provides in home veterinary care for companion animals, exotic pets and backyard poultry. Dr. Candice Akers takes an integrated approach to medicine combining traditional medical care and holistic modalities.

Cynthia Farris, AADP, CHC – Holistic Health & Gut Therapy; Cynthia works with people and the dogs they cherish to upgrade their health so they can enjoy long and vital lives, together.  As a Certified Fermentationist, she leverages bacterial diversity to create delicious and probiotic-rich foods that humans and canines love.



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