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Vaccines Pros and Cons with Dr. Judy Jasek DVM

08.29.15 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Vaccines Pros and Cons with Dr. Judy Jasek DVM

Vaccinations have become a cornerstone for pet health, but are they really the best option?   Vaccines can provide protection, but they are far from benign.  They can, in fact, cause serious, and even life-threatening reactions.

Would you like to know the most effective approach for protecting your pet without doing any harm?

Dr Judy Jasek will share her knowledge of vaccines based on 27 years’ experience as a veterinarian.

Bring your questions and learn:

  1. What is in a vaccination and what happens in the body after the injection
  2. How vaccines provide protection against disease
  3. How to know  if your pet is protected
  4. What are the harmful effects of vaccines
  5. Ways to build your pet’s immune system without vaccines

(Please Sign up at front desk)

 Dr Judy Jasek – Bio

Dr Judy graduated from the Colorado State University veterinary school in 1988.  Afterwards, she worked in Idaho and Utah before returning to Colorado in 2001.  In 2003, she purchased the Belleview Animal Clinic in Englewood, which she recently sold in order to pursue a career more focused in holistic medicine.

Although trained in traditional medicine, as are all veterinarians, Dr Judy developed her own interest in holistic care for pets and believes that this is the best foundation for optimal health.   She believes in supporting the innate healing ability of the body rather than suppressing symptoms.  Her primary approach is appropriate nutrition, reducing toxins and providing holistic support through herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, ozone therapy and flower essences.


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