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The Wellness Fair 2017

06.24.17 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Hero's Pets

The Wellness Fair at Hero's PetsJOIN US SATURDAY, JUNE 24th 10AM – 3PM at HERO’S PETS


Hero’s Pets has once again organized an exciting gathering of people that we know our customers would love to meet in person! Looking for a great holistic vet? Want to meet the people we regularly recommend for all your pet care needs? Looking for solid alternative/complementary health care solutions for your pet? Interested in learning about alternatives to avoid over-vaccination health and behavior problems? Is your pet overweight or need some physical rehabilitation? Healers and professionals of all types are coming together for this event!! Plan to attend our Wellness Fair event!!!

Holistic Vets, Anesthesia Free Dental, Chiropractor, Massage, Rehabilitation, Weight Management, Nutritional Consultations, Dog Training, In-home Pet Sitting, Demos and more!!

Why is the Wellness Fair so important? Well, things are changing. Even long established vet and retail organizations are acknowledging that diet and a clean environment are important to health. Our community drives that change in the world. Here’s the place where you can “vet” many of the practitioners and vendors with innovative and effective products that make you want to tell all your friends the great news about empowering yourself, your family and your pets to achieve great health naturally.

The Wellness Fair at Hero's Pets



First Aid and Pain Relief

Essential Oils

Homeopathic & Alternative Treatments


and Herbs 

Elemental Provisions custom Herbal blends

Elemental Provisions – Herbal Supplements
Blended by hand, 100% organic, gluten free, non-GMO herbal, homeopathic and essential oil blends. Our priorities are efficacy, quality, freshness, ethical sourcing, and eco-consciousness. Elemental Provisions creates customized solutions to support health and balance in a way that is unique to the individual. The formulations and healing measures created by Elemental Provisions are based on a framework of modern and traditional information sciences combined to apply traditional and “new age” methodologies alongside rational methods of problem solving and research, to arrive at custom solutions to balance the mind and body. Each product is intended to match solutions for health issues with the modern values and belief systems of our educated and health conscious clientele. Those seeking holistic products that contain both the hottest new discoveries in health and medicine, as well as ancient remedies will recognize Elemental Provisions as a brand they can identify with.

Hero's Pets classes, workshops and seminars
Workshops, Demos and Seminars
Now is your chance to vote for the classes you want to see coming to Hero’s Pets, and the teachers, practitioners and even Hero’s Techs and experts you’d like to see teaching them!
Seminar Options



Tribe Green Rising – 

Mandy Magill
Founder, Sourcetarian
Tribe Green Rising, LLC seeding change * growing health
“The Roots of Revolution CommUNITY Forum”
Tribe Green Rising is a commUNITY-based platform that galvanizes and empowers individuals, families, and communities to take ownership of their health and cultivate environmental stewardship. We are committed to growing the necessary connections between citizens and the innovative concepts, businesses, and organizations whose goal it is to be health-promoting, locally-sourced, non-toxic, humane, and environmentally and socially conscious and progressive. We achieve this through education, advancing awareness, highlighting solutions and resources, and through building connection and commUNITY.

Animal Magic Care – Dr. Andi Harper
Animal Magic is taking everything you thought you knew about you, your animals and the world and creating beyond by showing you a different point of view.
Instead of making decisions and judgements about our animals health and well being, we ask questions to create choice and change.
By being aware of the energetics around our animals and ourselves, we have the capacity to CHANGE and CREATE anything we desire as our life and living!!


Frangiosa Farm Honey 
Hemp Honey/CBD with NIck & Ali French
Nick French has been keeping bees since 2009 in urban farms, on roof tops, and in backyards. His farm has over 40 hives, in 6 apiaries in and around Denver, Colorado.  Nick helps the bees provide pollination services, educations to kiddies, backyard beekeeping classes, and the production of pure raw honey. In local raw honey you will find the greatest health benefits; allergy relief, skin care, digestive and immune support.   Nick has provided backyard beekeeping workshop, educational presentations to schools, garden centers, and to community supported agricultural projects.

Pet Releaf CBD

“Pet Releaf™ is changing what healthy means for your pets. We are the premier producer of CBD (Cannabidiol) and hemp infused pet products, and we pride ourselves on making everything in the USA with organic ingredients that are NEVER from China.

Our Edibites™ for dogs and our CBD Hemp Oil for dogs and cats were specially formulated for your furry friends to enhance their overall wellness & happiness. Because we use whole food, natural ingredients we like to say that giving your furry family member Pet Releaf’s products is like giving them a superfood smoothie!


Dr. Judy Jasek DVM

Ozone treatments can help fight infection, slow or stop the growth of cancer, reduce inflammation and slow the aging process!  Dr. Jasek has Ozone clinics at Hero’s every Tuesday and Friday (by appointment).



CRCG Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group
CRCG – Canine & Conditioning Rehabilitation Group
Team of expert certified rehabilitation therapists includes licensed veterinarians, physical therapists and certified veterinary technicians. Our rehabilitation experts are leading the industry of restoring quality of life to geriatric, injured, overweight, post-operative, and neurologic or otherwise compromised dogs through physical therapy and integrative veterinary approaches. Our Collaborative Care Team of work hand in hand to provide the best and most comprehensive rehabilitation care for your family member.



Nicole Chidsey:  Registered Veterinary Technician and Certified Canine Physical Therapy Assistant

Nursing 4 Paws provides compassionate and affordable in- home nursing care for your beloved fur-family.  Services include fluid therapy, diabetic care, administration of medication, wound care, physical therapy, massage therapy, boarding, and more.  My extensive experience and certifications in the veterinary field provide the highest quality care giving sound peace of mind.


Hands On Hounds

Hands on Hounds With Mino Fuller
Are you stressed and worried when your pet is in pain or in discomfort? Hands on Hounds can help your animal with relaxing therapeutic massage. Feel your stress and anxiety melt away as you watch the therapist’s caring hands gently soothe your dog’s aching body. Our mission is to enhance and support the overall wellness of your pet, increase their comfort and improve the quality of life. Hands on Hounds offers variety of wellness treatments, which incorporates: Canine Therapeutic/Sports Massage, Healing Touch for Animals®, Acupressure, Reiki, Essential Oils/Flower Essences
Hands on Hounds


Well Animal Institute

Well Animal Institute: Anesthesia Free Dental Cleanings
Why choose anesthesia-free dental cleaning for your pet? A SAFER Option, An AFFORDABLE Option : $185.00 per pet, A HEALTHY Option : By removing the plaque and tarter it reduces the bacteria which can lead to health issues. We all want to ensure a long and happy life for our pets. Prevent problems before they begin and ensure a healthy future with a regular cleaning.
Well Animal Dental Cleanings


Julie Cattabiani
Certified Master Dog Trainer
K-9 Behaviorist
Jon Langdon – Dog Trainer
Welcome to Jon Langdon Dog Training of South Denver, Colorado! Our mission is to provide training programs that result in a happy, confident, and satisfied owner as well as a happy, confident, and obedient dog. With industry-leading results and customer service, you will achieve the maximum control on and off the leash while still allowing your dog to be a dog! Your family will confidently enjoy your dog on walks, hikes, camping, BBQs, and trips around town very quickly.
Jon Langdon

Pet Sitting:

Pet sitting
In-home Pet Sitting with Mary Montoya
Also Referrals to: Patti Ibotson, Happy Pets and People


Anderson's Natural Pet Food ColoRAWdo Meat & BonesAnderson’s Natural Pet Food ColoRAWdo Meats & Bones
Anderson’s Natural Pet Food offers high quality raw meats and bones for people who love their pets. Raised hormone, steroid and antibiotic free, Anderson’s ColoRAWdo Meats & Bones provides biologically appropriate pet foods and treats from Colorado.
Anderson’s Natural Pets

Cynthia Farris, Holistic Health and Gut Therapy

Gut Coach & Fermentation Educator

Cynthia (Thia) Farris is a trained fermentationist and Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, who inspires individuals to achieve their unique health goals. She believes the human-animal bond is integral to overall health, joy and resilience for both parties.  Thia guides her clients, both human and canine, to connect the dots between the foods they eat, how their bodies process them, and the role of the microbiome (the trillions of bacteria that hang out in our digestive tract) in overall vitality and health.  The commonalities between the human and the canine gut are significant; what creates health and harmony in you, often has the same impact on your pup.  Come visit with her to learn more about the gut-vitality connection and what amazing fermented foods your dog (and you) will love!
Learn more and connect with Cynthia:


Hero's Pets in store fixtures


Well, a personal investment in the quality of their products for one thing. . .
But more relevant to you the first time you ever walked into Hero’s Pets they were probably NOT what you came looking for. Many of them you’d never even know existed if you hadn’t visited our store. You haven’t seen them on TV, in any magazine ads or even merchandising displays at a big box stores. In fact if you’ve seen any marketing of them at all it might have been made entirely by Hero’s Pets.

Here at Hero’s Pets we have enjoyed the blessing of many resources. People committed to education, service, design and product research all contribute to achieving our mission of not only selling high quality, natural pet foods and supplies, but actually going above and beyond the standard of what is “natural.” We start with the word natural and then we dig for more information. Then, we try to put it into formats useful to you.

Choosing only the best of the best products for your pet is not always easy for us or for you, our customers. Hero’s Pets patrons are certainly some adventurous, open-minded and quality seeking types of people. We really respect and admire our customers for these values which bring us together in search of good things.

Our mission is to use our small space and our huge personal commitment to promote products that we believe in. . . Products so new, unique or customized that they require one on one personal explanation for selection and use. Many of the companies we carry have no marketing strategies or press packages. They are not focused on profit or big business plans. What they do have is the desire and ability to make outstanding products, for a variety of personal reasons (Our manufacturers each have a story, and we will tell it if you ask us.) Many of them built their recipes and crafted their products for the love of one particular pet with a health problem, or an allergy, or a preference they couldn’t satisfy with mass produced products. Some simply wanted to use their local resources to make unique or environmentally friendly alternatives to common products.

But, the most important thing we have is you!!!
Thank you for being a part of our vision.

Wow. You made it all the way down here.
Thanks for reading our message. We appreciate you, and we hope to see you at the Fair!



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