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Giardia Holistic Treatment

Giardia – Holistic Treatments

“The vet said it’s not giardia”
You might be right, but, as a matter of fact, a tech could potentially need to view as many as 100 slides before they actually see giardia. Just because they didn’t spot it doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t have it. Unfortunately, some pets get sick even at those minor levels. If you’re treating holistically it can’t hurt to do a holistic giardia regimen even if they don’t have it.

“How do they get it?”

Giardia is naturally found in the gut. Even after they “don’t have it anymore” they still have some in the gut. In reality, it’s more a matter of the how the body is tolerating it and whether or not there is a sufficient good bacterium in the gut to regulate the overgrowth of giardia, leading to symptoms. Keeping pets on a healthy diet full of natural (not man-made) enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics is the best way to prevent it and other gut issues. If you have no access to raw or dehydrated raw foods, or Answers RAW Cow or Goat Milk (that naturally contain these things) you can supplement with a good digestive enzyme/bacteria supplement such as Herbsmith Microflora or In Clover Optagest. These things will help your pet be more resistant to illness in the future. Pets can also share giardia by drinking out the same water bowl as an infected pet, drinking stagnant water, etc, etc, etc… It’s very easy to get.

“I’ve been giving yogurt and acidophilus so I don’t need to buy anything.”

Giving a supplement like yogurt or acidophilus could make them MORE susceptible to giardia and other bacteria. Giving any one (or few) types of bacteria actually crowds out the rest of the varieties of good bacteria, creating an imbalance. Just as one type of antibiotic doesn’t work for every type of bacteria, one type of bacteria doesn’t work for every type of bacteria either…. you MUST have variety. The milk products have over 300 varieties of bacteria each, which makes them more effective than any supplement.

“Ok so what do I do about giardia?”

The truth about Diarrhea – The body’s natural method of purging things like parasites and unwanted bacteria is through diarrhea… it’s a healthy response to an intestinal problem. We don’t want to hold the giardia in… we just want to prevent dehydration. Just giving something to stop diarrhea is not sufficient because you’re stopping the diarrhea and holding in the problem… you must give it in conjunction with something like Azmira Giardia Parasitic D’tox to actually kill the problem if you’re slowing the diarrhea (which, again, you DO need to do to prevent dehydration UNLESS you’re giving enough goat milk to compensate the loss of water from the body)

Antibiotics – In 9 years of customer feedback our experience is that antibiotics often do NOT work for giardia… most people have to do 3-8 rounds… each time more of the gut bacteria is killed and you create a catch 22, where the giardia goes away then comes back WORSE each time. Holistic treatments such as Azmira Giardia and Parasitic, raw Goat Milk, Honest Kitchen Perfect Form and Animals Apawthecary Ginger/Mint can be given in conjunction with antibiotics… they will simply be less effective if you choose to do so. Honest Kitchen Perfect Form, which stops the diarrhea, will absorb some of the antibiotics if they are giving at the same time. Give them 2 or more hours apart.

Fasting – Fasting gives the gut an opportunity to rest and resolve the problem rather than just expending all its effort on digesting. Giving nothing but raw milk for a full day can increase recovery time.

Azmira Giardia and Parasitic D’tox – One of the main ingredients of this product (Wormwood) is actually recommended by the CDC (center for disease control) to treat Malaria… it’s a strong and effective herb. This product has multiple ingredients that handle parasites from multiple angles.

Honest Kitchen Perfect Form – Perfect Form is an herbal blend that will solidify the stool. It can be given in doses up to 4 times what it says on the bottle just to get the stool firm so everyone can get some sleep. If it doesn’t work within 2 days it’s not going to. If the problem continues despite giving Perfect Form the pet probably has pancreatitis (that’s the only time we’ve seen it not work). If you give it for up to 10 days and try to come off it and the pet still has diarrhea (despite giving something like colloidal silver or giardia and parasitic in conjunction) then there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed… the only reason a pet might need to stay on Perfect Form long term is for anal gland problems.

Animals Apawthecary Ginger Mint – Ginger increases “digestive fire” and Mint slightly anesthetizes the digestive lining which calms gurgling and cramping.

The most effective regimen we’ve seen used is:
Do one full day of nothing but Goat or Cow Milk with a bunch of Perfect Form, Ginger/Mint, and Giardia & Parasitic D’tox. Normally this resolves the issue within a few hours but you should continue to for a full day.
After 24 hours you may introduce some food in conjunction with Giardia & Parasitic D’tox and Perfect Form.
After 3-10 days wean off of those supplements. If you continue to have issues throughout this process or after you wean off of the supplements give us a call to see if we can help.

Best of luck,

Hero’s Pets


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