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Healing Crisis

Changing a pet’s (or your own) nutrition, dietary, supplement, or prescription habits often leads to a period of detoxifying and cleansing. Anything that has “settled” in the body or otherwise been suppressed will find a way out. If the body is worn down from daily efforts such as digesting foods that are hard to process, detoxing from vaccinations, medications, pesticides, fertilizers, pollution, etc that it doesn’t have the resources or ability to handle many of it’s daily detoxing processes that it needs to. As a result, the body will deposit toxins wherever it can, like sweeping trash under a rug. These toxins will build up, often creating tumors, systemic yeast infections, and imbalances that manifest as kidney stones, Cushing’s, Diabetes, IBS, etc. When the body decreases its daily toxic burden (by giving better food or decreasing external toxins such as vaccinations and pollution) it then is better able to develop the resources needed to empty out the closets and do some deep cleaning. Whatever is the fastest way out of the body is the best way out as far as the body is concerned. Diarrhea, vomiting, nasal discharge, pneumonia, and skin problems are most common… the skin, being the third kidney and the bodies largest organ, is the fastest and most effective way out. Often times a pet will lose all their hair or develop gross looking skin “infections.”

From “The Nature of Animal Healing” by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M from Smith Ridge Veterinary Clinic: Whatever brings it on, a healing crisis in pets unfolds in clear stages recognized as Hering’s Law of Cures, after the American homeopathic doctor Constantine Hering. As the body initiates a major expulsion of toxins, pain appears in the neck, then moves down through the trunk and out the extremities – form inside out, both in the sense of moving from the inside of the body to outside it, and from the neurological center of the body out the pathways of the arms and legs. At the same time, pain moves up and out, from the neck into the head, usually accompanied by a discharge of mucus from the nose. As a corollary, healing occurs in the reverse order in which symptoms have appeared. In order to get well, Hering says, a patient must go through a crisis. Expect it, look for it, and work toward it, he declares. In pets, Hering’s law is harder to discern, because pets can’t tell us what they’re felling. But the course of the crisis is identical to what it is in human beings. In pets, as in people, vomiting may also occur, along with diarrhea, pustules or a rash, and excessive thirst and urination. Unfortunately, as clear as its course is, the arrival of a healing crisis is as unpredictable as its results. No
doctor, no patient, no food or medicine can bring it on. I’m forever being asked by anxious owners, “When’s the crisis going to come?” I have no idea. The body provokes its own crisis; it does so when it’s ready, and not before. In some instinctive way we don’t begin to understand, it tends to wait until it has enough strength to handle the force of the pain and eliminations associated with a crisis – thus the calm before the storm, that period of improved health after the body has been at it’s weakest – and to match the severity and pace of the crisis to what its own constitution can stand. At the same time, the body is not a Swiss clock, and nature, which can shape one snowflake after another to have six points, can be as mysterious as it is precise. When owners whose pets are in the throes of a healing crisis call me for greater reassurance than that, I read them one of my favorite passages from Arnold Ehret:

“Nature wants to save you!” Ehret proclaimed nearly a century ago. “Disease is merely Nature’s effort to start performing the process of healing – the elimination of wastes and disease matters that clog up your tissue system. Listen to the instinctive advice of Nature unfailingly given to both man and animals! ‘Give me a chance to eliminate; to repair your bodily mechanism!’ Take time to be ‘sick’ for a few days or even weeks, and I will help you! ‘Remain still, quiet, rest, sleep and DON’T EAT!” Hero’s Pets is available to assist your pet in nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, flower essences and other complementary treatments for acute and chronic health concerns. Should you need the additional assistance of a holistic Veterinarian, especially in the case of severe illness or disease, please ask for referrals. We recognize many holistic vets are far from Littleton but maintaining your pets’ good health is cheaper than treating their bad health and these vets strive to maintain good health to prevent disease. PLEASE seriously consider discussing Vaccinations, heartworm medications and other heavy pharmaceutical treatments with a holistic practitioner or veterinarian BEFORE commencing treatment so you are more able to make informed decisions about your pets immediate and long-term health.

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