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Interim Hero’s Pet Clinic services at the store!

Hero's Pet Clinic - Holistic Veterinary Services

Hero’s is starting a Pet Clinic! We want to complete the circle of trustworthy services you need from your holistic pet care specialists. We have plans to open Hero’s Holistic Veterinary Care, a full-service clinic, in the Littleton area in 2019, but for now we are starting with the services listed below, and operating out of Hero’s Pets.

At Hero’s, we are not a typical veterinary clinic. We operate from a true holistic foundation that believes that your pet has a tremendous innate healing ability, once it receives proper support.

You will find our process to be quite different from other veterinary clinics. We will not rush you in and out with minimal time to ask questions and address your concerns. We believe that no one knows your pet better than you, and we want to get as much information as possible. A holistic approach includes evaluating your pet’s nutrition, lifestyle and stress, exercise, emotional health, and physical symptoms. We also take into account your lifestyle and budgetary concerns.

In order for your pet to achieve optimal results with our program, it is essential that you are willing to spend some time getting educated so that you understand our approach and we can modify our program to best help your pet. Because nutrition is the foundation of good health, everyone we work with will receive a nutritional consultation, including educational information in the form of videos. Many disease conditions can be remedied by changing the diet alone. If other treatment modalities are necessary, they sometimes will not be effective if your pet is not eating a nutritious, species-appropriate diet.

We take a healing approach, not a symptomatic approach to your pet’s health issues. In conventional medicine, pharmaceutical agents are used to simply reduce symptoms, but this does nothing to help your pet heal, and there are often dire side effects. Our goal is to help your pet live a long, healthy, disease-free life.

The best time to start on a holistic approach to your pet’s health is before any symptoms show up. As soon and there are symptoms of any kind, we are playing catch up, and the process takes much longer. Why not start early, and prevent the symptoms from occurring in the first place?

Your time at our Hero’s Pet Clinic will be split between seeing the doctor, and receiving education from our expert staff on how to integrate the doctor’s recommendations into your lifestyle and budget. You will be receiving a lot of information during your visit, as we want you to play an active, informed role in your pet’s health, so prepare to be educated!

Our consults will cost a bit more and take more time than perhaps what you are used to in a trip to your veterinarian. We take the time to first of all listen to all of your concerns and answer your questions, and then we will inform and educate you about the best approach to keep your pet as healthy as possible. We believe that the value to get from the education you receive will be a worthwhile investment in the health of your pet. The information you receive could literally save you $1000’s of dollars in future vet bills by keeping your pet healthy.

We will frequently recommend conventional diagnostics or treatments initially to get as much information as possible and keep your pet comfortable. We will then create a holistic health plan designed specifically with your pet in mind.

There may be times that we refer you to a specialist for additional input and/or diagnostics. We will continue to recommend holistic services based on the findings and recommendations of the specialist. We will make every effort to communicate with the other veterinarians that you see in order to achieve continuity in your pet’s care. We fully respect the choices you make in the care of your pet.

Interim services at the store are already happening! Monday from 10 – 3 and Wednesday from 10 – 5. Call or email: 303-877-7481 or to make an appointment.

Visit the Hero’s Pet Clinic website Here.


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