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Is dry food the healthiest thing for my cat?

While we only carry the best quality foods for pets, dry food is NOT the best, nor healthiest thing for your cat. It is dehydrating and starchy, making it difficult for the healthiest of cats to digest.

What is the best for my cat then?
Raw food is best, followed by dehydrated raw, then canned food. Please ask us for more information… we have choices!!!!
-Cats should get 95% of their water from their food… not a water bowl.
-Cats don’t have the ability to digest starches. Dry cat foods must have enough starch to make a kibble shape or it turns to a powder. Cats don’t have enzymes to break those down. Most cats just pass the starches in bulky stools, many vomit them up though. Vomiting is most often NOT caused by hairballs, but by excessive starch consumption.
-Cats teeth will be CLEANER if you don’t feed dry food. Starches feed bacteria throughout the mouth and entire intestinal tract. Plaque is bacteria. A healthy digestive system will allow for a healthy mouth. A digestive tract caked with starch and bacteria will cause an unhealthy mouth.
Is Raw, Dehydrated, or Canned more expensive?
Yes. It is more expensive by between $10 and $70/month. However, your cat will be less likely to suffer from dental problems, heart problems, kidney and urinary tract infections and other problems, vomiting, stinky poops, shedding, and more.


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