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Snow Leopard Trust Cat Toys
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Snow Leopard Trust: Ball Toy

100% Sheep’s wool hand-made fair trade toy.


Product Description

Little cats can help big cats simply by playing with a little ball! Each one of these light weight toys is handmade by a community who is working hard to protect the snow leopards living in their area.

  • Makes a great cat toy or small dog toy!
  • Made in Mongolia
  • 100% sheep wool
  • Approximately 3 in. (7.6 cm) in diameter

Purchasing our beautiful and unique Snow Leopard Trust items supports global conservation efforts. Help Save the endangered Snow Leopards roaming the mountains of Central Asia. The leopard is a symbol of ecosystem health. There are less than 3500 left in the wild, and it’s in danger of disappearing.

Through Snow Leopard Trust nomadic communities who share the mountains with Snow Leopards are able to sell their traditional crafts and earn income for food, medicine and education. This exchange relieves the economic pressures that can drive herders to hunt Snow Leopards, which helps protect these wild cats and their prey. While the quality of life improves for these impoverished communities, Snow Leopards are given a greater chance for survival.



Every animal that’s around these just wants to sniff and rub all over them.  



100 % Sheep’s Wool. Han-Made. Fair Trade.

This product is handmade in Mongolia by women in rural herding communities. These traditional nomadic communities are completely dependent on their livestock for food and income. In the past, poverty often forced them to hunt Snow Leopards to prevent attacks on their herds. Now these families are protecting the cats. The Snow Leopard Trust is helping families earn a living through their traditional wool-working skills. In exchange, herders are protecting Snow Leopards.


Snow Leopard Trust products make it possible for you to Shop and Save Snow Leopards.

Your purchase:

  • protects wildlife
  • preserves habitat
  • promotes a market for sustainable & hand-crafted products

It also increases income of rural families coexisting with Snow Leopards.


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