Kure Pet Food - Raw Beef Blends

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For dogs of all life stages

A complete and balanced diet specifically formulated nutrient-rich line of foods designed to meet and exceed pet's daily needs.

Contact us for feeding information and Suggested Daily Serving.


-Pasture raised, grassfed and grass finished beef

- Optimal 1:1 fat to protein ratio, a recipe balance following nature

- Clean source of energy

- Wild-fermented organic vegetables

- Pasture-raised, non-gmo chicken eggs

- Billions of probiotics and hundreds of live, diverse cultures

- No high pressure pasteurization (HPP)

- Calorically dense (making it less expensive than other brands when fed correctly)

- Anti-inflammatory diet

- Less than 2% carbohydrates

- Natural volcanic clay for trace minerals

- Environmentally friendly cartons, low-energy manufacturing, old world regenerative farming, minimal use of plastic

Guaranteed Analysis
Minimum Crude Protein: 13.0%
Minimum Crude Fat: 13.0%
Maximum Crude Fiber: 2.0%
Maximum Moisture: 70.0%
Calorie Content ME (kcal/kg): 2300 ME/kg
Calorie Content ME (kcal/oz): 65.2 ME/oz

Beef, beef, heart, beef liver, beef kidney, ground beef bone, chicken eggs*, organic beets*, organic green squash*, cod liver*, whey*, organic broccoli*, butter*, montmorillionite, salt**, vitamin e supplement***
*Fermented: organic lacto-fermented vegetables for high bioavailability
**Celtic Sea Salt
*** Sourced from non-GMO sunflower oil - not GMO soy preserved with propylene glycol (like most other Vitamin E supplements)
Safe handling instructions: Keep aw meat separate from human foods. Wash working surface, utensils, hands and any other items that come in contact with raw meat, with hot soapy water. Remove casing before feeding. 
- Serve as a complete diet 
- Full panel ingredients: 90% meat, organs and bone, 10% wholefoods with an ideal 1:1 fat to protein ratio