Dr. Harvey's Organic Protection Spray 8oz

Dr. Harvey's Organic Protection Spray 8oz

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Protect your furry loved ones from fleas with this gentle herbal spray before and after your walk.

 DIRECTIONS: Before and After the Walk

Before you go for your walk, spray your dog, the collar and the
leash. When you return home you can spray again. Also use liberally wherever you dog sleeps. The herbal extracts will protect your dog without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Because You Love Your Dog-Protect Without Danger

We know how much you love your dog. We know your dog is part of the family and you want to protect your companion from outside dangers. That’s why you will love using this safe alternative to chemical products.


In a Base of Witch Hazel, Catnip Oil, Erigeron Oil, Neem Oil, Citronella Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Geranium Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Organic Rosemary Extract