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Dr. Mercola Heart Health 3.17oz

Dr. Mercola Heart Health 3.17oz

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Dr. Mercola Heart Health

Support your furry friend’s big heart with Dr. Mercola’s Heart Health Dog & Cat Supplement! This powdered formula contains 12 active ingredients including, taurine, organic hawthorn berry fruit, L-carnitine, pomegranate fruit extract and niacin. It’s specifically designed for dogs and cats who are high-risk breeds, hard-working or athletic, over the age of 7, have heart health concerns or eating kibble (and semi-moist pouched food). And it even has an organic cheddar cheese base for the flavor pets love!

Key Benefits

  • Formulated with 12 active ingredients.
  • Supports heart health in cats and dogs who are high risk breeds, athletic and hard-working, over 7 years old, have a heart health concern or who eat kibble and semi-moist pouched food.
  • Contains human-grade antioxidants, amino acids and plant compounds that your pet’s food may be lacking.
  • Crafted with an organic cheddar cheese base.
  • Easy to incorporate into your pet's diet.
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