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How does Eco-88 work?

Eco-88 works like an oxygen bomb, as soon as it comes in contact with the bacteria it immediately starts to break any solid down into a gas, then extracts it layer by layer. This is why it could smell worse before it gets better. Though Eco-88 is 100% Odorless, you are going to smell what the product is extracting from the area sprayed. It's temporary and you can use fans or open windows to try and ventilate the area if needed. It will evaporate so there's no need to vacuum or clean up afterwards. Spray to heavily saturate every 12-24 hours until all layers are extracted. Always test for colorfast. 


Open the bottle of Eco-88 and install the sprayer (try not to touch the base of the sprayer, as you don't want to transfer any dirt, sweat, etc from your hands onto it). Turn nozzle to MIST setting. Typical application can range from 1-5, give or take, depending on how bad the area is, foot traffic, previously used product, age of stain, etc. Patience and diligence is the key. 

Follow these instructions for CARPET, TILE, GROUT, CEMENT, ARTIFICIAL GRASS, MATTRESSES, UPHOLSTERY, PETBEDDING - spray to heavily saturate the area needed. Don't just pour on the product, that won't speed up the process. Spray to get the area fully wet and walk away. Leave it alone. Give the product time to work. Wait 12-24 hours (as the product will continue to work in that time) and repeat spraying. Spray and walk away. Simply repeat spraying until all layers have been extracted. 


Just pour the solution into the machine. Do NOT dilute, never introduce a water source to our solution. Use it as normal and do your best not to suck back up all the solution. It needs to sit wet, work and evaporate on its own. Repeat if needed.* Note, it is best to always spot treat any bad areas a few times first. 

Most stains are going to require multiple applications, and you will go through product quickly in a machine. Spot treat first and then if desired use a machine for overall refresh. 


Spray to saturate and let it sit to work as long as possible. Since you never want any liquid to sit on wood for too long, wipe it up after 30 minutes or so. Once completely dry you can repeat that process until all stains/odors have been extracted. 


Use Eco-88 as a pre-treatment. Spray the area needed and let it sit for a bit, then wash as normal. 


To keep pets off an area you're treating, you can put a chair or an upside down laundry basket over the area. Just make sure air can still get to the space. 

For tile and grout, best to saturate it at night when no one will walk on it and it should be dry by morning. 

Eco-88 also works wonders on blood, red wine spills, makeup, ink and more!

We do NOT recommend using Eco-88 on leather, suede, silk, 100% wool, jute or tightly woven linen. 

Guarantee - Eco-88 Brands guarantees our products will remove your pet stains and odors. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome simply bring it back for a refund - refunds are only given on your first purchase of Eco-88, within 60 days of purchase, and on smaller sizes of products. 

Due to unknown variables, such as exotic materials, after market fabric protectors, or previous carpet cleaning attempts with other products, we are not responsible for any damages when using Eco88 products on any surfaces including but not limited to carpet, wood, furniture and bedding.