Azmira Grapeseed Extract
Azmira Grapeseed Extract

Azmira Grapeseed Extract

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It is said that things are changed either by inspiration or desperation … the development of Azmira supplements were founded in a little bit of both! Founded by Dr. Lisa S. Newman, Ph.D. in 1982, Azmira was developed to create safe and effective programs for all pets. Azmira has been in business for 30 years. They have never had a recall on any products.

10% of dogs are violently and lethally allergic to grape SKINS. However, there is no evidence of potential allergies to Grape Seeds or Grape Seed Extract. Further, extractions do not contain DNA or proteins that cause allergies. Grape Seed Extract is beneficial for improving circulation, decreasing LDL Cholesterol levels, decreasing swelling from injuries and supporting eye health. 


This product contains 50 mg Grape Seed Extract and 50mg Mixed Citrus Bioflavonoids per capsule 

Usage Directions:

  • 2 to 4 capsules per day; Horses: 4 to 6 capsules per day.

  • Give orally or open capsule(s) and mix into food.

  • Best to divide daily dose into two feedings for optimum results.


  • Results may vary according to animal's diet and lifestyle. These products are not to be used in lieu of, but as a support to, proper veterinary care.
  • The amount of time a product must be used before seeing results is heavily dependent on your pet's existing diet and current condition. Generally speaking, minimal results begin to occur between 1 dose and 3 weeks. Maximum results are often not achieved for about 3 months. In severe conditions or conditions where the pet is dependent solely on the effects of the supplement because the diet has not been improved to eliminate processed foods, this time may increase greatly. 
  • The cleansing response, aka healing crisis, is a process in which your pet's body begins releasing the toxins that have built up in their system over the years. The speed and severity of the cleansing response will vary by individual pet according to their age, diagnosis, lifestyle, severity of symptoms, etc.
  • Symptoms of a cleansing response may include: increased shedding, panting, lethargy, excessive water consumption, slightly loose stools, dermatitis, and self-fasting. These symptoms are temporary and transitory. Not every pet will have a cleansing response.