Dr. Mercola Fermented Beta Glucans
Dr. Mercola Fermented Beta Glucans

Dr. Mercola Fermented Beta Glucans

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Fermented Beta Glucans

When your immune system is strong, you're better able to stay healthy and enjoy life.

A strong and healthy immune system is like wearing armor. It helps protect your body on two levels through your first and second lines of defense. Your first line of defense against outside invaders includes Natural Killer (NK) and phagocyte white blood cells.

Your white blood cells' initial response to invaders activates your second line of defense. This targeted system includes T and B lymphocytes and T Helper (TH) cells that can recognize and destroy infected cells.

As you age, your immune system doesn't respond to challenges like it did when you were younger. Some of the changes that diminish your immune function include:

      • Reduced production of T and B cells due to shrinkage of your thymus.
      • Decreased function of mature white blood cells or lymphocytes.
      • Increased inflammatory tissue environment from aging T and B cells.

You want a healthy, balanced response from your immune system – one that responds to stressors but doesn't overrespond. If your immune system becomes out of balance and overactive, it can recognize your own healthy cells as foreign cells and initiate an attack, resulting in an autoimmunity or inflammatory condition.

Fermented Beta Glucans can help you balance and support your immune system.* Plus, it can help you build your immune defenses to enjoy improved year-round immune, respiratory and sinus health with its two extraordinary ingredients:*

      • 1,3 beta-D-glucan from Euglena algae that is easily recognized by your immune system and directly interacts with key immune cells*
      • EpiCor® yeast fermentate that contains additional beta glucans and mannans from the yeast cell wall and is clinically shown to support your immune function on four different levels*

Fermented Beta Glucans can help:

      • Increase IgA (Immunoglobulin A) antibodies to help protect against year- round environmental challenges.*
      • Increase NK cell activity in as little as two hours to support your immune system.*
      • Increase antioxidant activity in as little as two hours to help protect cells and tissues from free radical and oxidative damage.*
      • Support beneficial bacteria levels in your gut, especially Anaerostipes, a genus containing butyrate-producing bacteria to support your immune system's first line of defense.