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BREAK IT UP! STONE ELIMINATOR contains first class adaptogens, plant botanicals and natural plant chemicals, including antioxidants, lignans, glycosides, flavonoids, linolic acid, alkaloids, ellagitannins, phenylpropanoids, lipids, sterols, glycosaminoglycans and flavonols, hydroquinones, astragalin, brevifolin, carboxylic acids, corilagin, cymene, ellagic acid, ellagitannins, gallocatechins, geraniin, hypophyllanthin, lignans, lintetralins, lupeols, methyl salicylate, niranthin, nirtetralin, niruretin, nirurin, nirurine, niruriside, norsecurinines, phyllanthin, phyllanthine, phyllanthenol, phyllochrysine, phyltetralin, repandusinic acids, quercetin, quercetol, quercitrin, rutin, saponins, triacontanal, and tricontano. 

Used holistically and in traditional medicine to help break down and eliminate all types of stones, including liver, kidney, bladder and gall stones, gravel, crystals, grains and calculi and to help safely remove them from the animal body. The types of stones, gravel, crystals and grain that are managed gently yet effectively by these stone-crushing plants include calcium oxalate, struvite, uric acid, cystine, calcium phosphate and silica stones. Once your dog or cat gets a stone, your pet is at 80% risk of getting stones in the future.

In studies involving people & pets, 94% of small bladder or kidney stones, crystals, calculi and gravel were eliminated within 2 weeks of use.*

Larger stones or multiple stones may likely take longer to fully break down.  Typically expect to use this product for approximately 2-3 months for dogs and cats under 50# and 4-6 months for dogs over 50#. Timeframe is dependent on size of stone, location, diet and if this is the first stone or urinary tract infection cycle.


Gelatin capsules, Chanca Piedra Stone Breaker, Berenjena, Potato Extract, Cipo Cabeludo, Uva Ursi, Abuta, Radish Extract

Turkey flavored capsules (USA only) meets/exceeds AAFCO standards. No flavored capsules or flavored powder shipped internationally.

Our capsules are certified Kosher and Halal, and meet all requirements of European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).


Your pet may drink more water and require more frequent bathroom breaks while using BREAK IT UP! STONE ELIMINATOR and may experience a significant increase in urine output as well as sodium and creatine output. This is normal and a healthy response to the natural detoxification process. It is suggested you add in a pet friendly prebiotic/probiotic to help maintain gut health and electrolyte balance. 

30 days recommended for use; then 7-10 days break from regimen; and then resume for 30 more days as needed.  Adding a probiotic may help maintain native gut flora.

You should not see physical stones in your pet's stools or urine. Break It Up contains Chanca Piedra, and its literal translation means stone crusher and stone breaker, and passed stones and crystals will likely not be visible. 


ALS, Adult, Senior, Puppy, Kitten; for animals with or at risk for diabetes, to promote healthy glucose metabolism and insulin function, antioxidant, support, for pancreatic and endocrine support, for animals with metabolic disorders, for pets with hypoglycemia.


Your pet may drink more water and require more frequent bathroom breaks while using Break It Up! This is normal and a healthy response to the natural detoxification process. 


Do not give to pregnant or nursing pets or pets allergic to the night shade plant.

Strongly anti-microbial. Add a pet friendly Probiotic to the diet to help support native gut flora. If using for more than 30 days and you are not giving your pet a Probiotic, take a 7-10 day break to help native gut flora reset, unless it is an emergency situation. 

Possibly contraindicated for diabetic and hypoglycemic animals due to is potential blood sugar lowering effects. Please monitor sugar levels with use and consult with your veterinarian.

If you choose to use this plant for longer than three months without using a pet probiotic, in some cases, the mildly diuretic actions of these plants can lead to to electrolyte and mineral imbalance. Please use a pet friendly Probiotic and consult your veterinarian. 


May potentiate (strengthen) insulin, antidiabetic, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), hypertensive, beta-blocker and other heart medications (including chronotropic (decreases heart rate), inotropic (weakens muscular contractions) drugs) and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor effects (related to elevated blood pressure and congestive heart failure).


May increase the effect of diabetic, high blood pressure, and diuretic drugs. Please monitor blood sugar levels. Have you pet drink plenty of water and your pet may need more frequent bathroom breaks

Do not use if your pet is allergic to eggplant or any plants within the nightshade family. May have a mild hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) and stimulant effect on the heart and should be used with caution if your pet has a heart condition.

Cycling off the use of the plant (every 30 days for one week when not at risk for urethral blockage or large un-passable stones) is recommended and adding a pet friendly Probiotic be added to the diet may be beneficial if this plant is used for longer than 30 days.