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Herbsmith Smiling Dog Treats

Herbsmith Smiling Dog Treats

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What Are My Options?

Our Smiling Dog Treats come in three different varieties (and a plethora of flavors!). The freeze-dried treats are dry, flaky nuggets jam-packed with flavor (and about the circumference of a quarter, but thicker) that easily break apart. The soft & chewy treats are smaller, softer, and moister, and will mush apart when squeezed—great for older dogs with weaker teeth. And finally, the dry-roasted treats are best for those dogs who crave a crunch, being a very hard, chip-like treat.

What's In It?

Just because its a “treat” doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy! Our freeze-dried and dry-roasted varieties range from just one to four whole food ingredients, closely following the recommended food pyramid for dogs: lots of protein, some fruits and veggies, and little to no grains. Plus, it’s all USA-sourced!

Real Proteins

We only use clean proteins from the states in our treats: beef from Wisconsin, duck from Indiana, Salmon from Alaska... It's important to us that our ingredients are fresh. We use meats that are USDA-inspected, and always keeps a close eye on the quality of ingredients that come through our doors.

Whole Produce

And just because they're only a small portion of our treat recipes doesn't mean we don't put the same effort in for the quality of our fruits and veggies! We get our produce from grocery-grade suppliers and is kept cool and fresh until its ready to be used.

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