Icelandic + Shrimp Treats 2.5 oz

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  • Pure shrimp treats for dogs.
  • Contains Icelandic mini shrimp "prawns".
  • For healthy skin and a healthy body.
  • Full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Pure Icelandic shrimp. Nothing else.
  • Caught fresh daily.
  • Enjoy peace of mind. Our shrimp treats are cleaned and air-dried within FDA, USDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations.
  • 100% sustainably caught.
  • 100% edible and digestible.
  • 100% natural—no additives, no preservatives and no supplements.
  • 100% single ingredient dog treat—just shrimp, nothing else!
  • 100% Viking—air-dried as the Vikings did in 900 A.D.
  • Available for a Limited Time Only

The Mini Shrimp Treats are small and the perfect size for any dog, but especially for training or small dogs. The heads and shell have been removed as it's just the meat of the shrimp in each treat.

Each package contains net wt. 2.5 oz. of Icelandic+ Mini Shrimp Treats. Each bag has over 100 individual treats!