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Bison Ear: 

Freeze dried furry bison ears. These are meaty, furry and full of cartilage!

Why furry? Outside of the amazing entertainment stimulation from this natural “toy”, fur is an all natural internal “sweep”. As its digested, it gently sweeps away the buildup in the intestines and entire digestive system. A “cleaner” digestive system allows the body to better absorb its digested nutrition.

Freeze dried vs “air dried” or dehydrated allows for like-raw food while allowing the human comfort of providing a shelf stable product.

Sourced from a regenerative bison ranch in the midwest.

Bison Tripica:

Freeze dried green bison tripe! Read it again! Green tripe! Sustainably sourced! Native American specie from a regenerative ranch! Freeze dried means this is a shelf stable product, that has not destroyed the natural enzymes, probiotics and myriad of goodness we find in raw/frozen green tripe. Meanwhile these become your dogs “tortilla chips” while doubling down as a nutritiously wealthy snack and crunchy chew. ***Because these are sustainably sourced, there may not always be available inventory. We work with the ranch to ensure we receive fresh items and will replenish as we are able, responsibly and ethically.

Elk Tripica:

Ethically sourced green elk tripe, freeze dried so fresh, you can see the ingredients and bits of grass in the lining. No bleaching ingredients to destroy the amazing digestive enzymes naturally found flourishing here. Lightly rinsed, flash frozen and then freeze dried for your Rawsome Pets to enjoy!

Hero's Fish Blend:

(Specialty made blend of wild caught Mackerel. Salmon, and Sardines)

  • Freeze dried slices of mackerel fish... this food flakes easily into feeding dishes for meal toppers or can keep its whole shape for high value treats.

When using during training, the handler has zero issues capturing and keeping focus… I have witnessed some of the most militant “sits” in eager anticipation of this reward!

Sustainably caught, this fish is “human grade” and then freeze dried in our commercial lyophiliser making this a shelf stable raw treat.

  • Sustainably caught, naturally pink in color (no “enhancements” for esthetics here, just fresh, wild caught fish RICH in omegas and flavor.
  • Wild Caught Sardines 

These are freeze dried for the ease of feeding any time, any-where!

Great source of omega 3s!

Support skin & coat health

Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption.