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Raw Diet Testimonial: Jennifer and Zoie

Zoie my boxer currently weighs about 58lbs, which doesn’t sound like much but when you compare it to the 46lbs she weighed when on kibble, it’s remarkable.  Let alone she no longer pukes up bile, has diarrhea or a stomach that would grumble for hours, so bad it caused her to not eat her next meal, combine all these into one dog who is less than 3 years old and it’s not fun for you or her. The squeakies don’t get squeaked, there’s no energy to run like the wind at the park or barely be able to somewhat keep up with your best doggie friends in the country.  The vet doesn’t seem concerned with her weight, and she has an allergic reaction the vet missed.  You are cautiously faulted at the emergency vet by staff about what you are feeding your pup and how much.  Momma bear growls…and then cries…  Stating the facts of her pups daily life and the concerns that she has had.

This is all before I had my boxer Zoie, now 4 years old, on a raw diet.  Her quality of life was not quality at all but me hoping she would eat dinner and breakfast, sitting with her on the weekends because it was too painful to play…  This was before raw…   August of 2013 marked a year of being on a raw diet, a year of being able to play in the country, a year of being able to squeak again, a year of being able to run like the wind at the park, a year of gaining and losing and finding a good balance on raw for Zoie.  She is also on goats milk for calories, fat and enzymes because she loses weight quickly, she loves coconut oil, eats it right off the spoon.  She gets ginger when her tummy is upset and literally never has more than one bout of diarrhea in a day and it’s only once every couple of months if that.  She loves sweet potato puree, and her bison liver treats.  She gets milk thistle, and a bladder supplement, when she was around 10 months old I discovered she had an insanely weak bladder.  She is just as lovable as when she was a pup and enjoys being cozied up in your lap, but at least now she is not laying in my lap in pain, not eating and continuously losing weight…. This happy pup has the good life now, don’t they all deserve that…  On raw she is just as she was when she was a pup, playful and bouncy, a little jumpy at the oddest things, (no umbrellas please!) and the most non aggressive laid back pup ever… So mild and loving and tells her story every Saturday morning playing with dad and you can hear the Boxer Wooo- Woo!!!!

I stand behind Hero’s Pets, Chelsea and her staff, I was scared I was going to lose Zoie, and now I know I don’t have to be anymore, that whatever issue comes up Chelsea and her staff have at least 1-2 options for me as well as trainers, vets and more.  Education classes on vaccinations, traditional kibble, basics on raw and more and more…

Jennifer Peirce and The Best Nub Ever (to me anyway) – Zoie


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