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Saying goodbye to Zukes.

By Chelsea Kent

We’re sad to say that Colorado made, family owned, Zuke’s Natural Treats have been sold to Nestle.  At Hero’s Pets we are known for not supporting unethical companies, no matter what. That being said, we’re really sad to see Zuke’s Natural Treats go (our dogs love them too). We’d like to share with you why this is a really big deal and why we will no longer be carrying the line.

Zukes sold out to Nestle

We hope that after spending a little time reading this post, and researching the Nestle organization for yourself, you’ll understand the importance of not supporting a company with such globally harmful business practices.

To aid in your research, here is a Nestle rap sheet you won’t find on the wrapper. We’ve also added a few links from third party sources to provide additional Nestle info at the bottom of this post:

– America, Europe, Switzerland, Britain, Mozambique, Canada and Bulgaria (to name a few) have actively boycotted Nestle since the 1970’s.

– “The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action was instrumental in helping to coordinate the boycott by giving visibility to Nestles “aggressive marketing” campaign of breast milk substitutes, particularly in less economically developed countries (primarily Africa), which lead to the suffering and deaths of babies, largely among the poor.”(1)  Women were lead to believe that formula feeding was “civilized,” thus tricking them into giving money they didn’t have to Nestle.  “Third World babies are dying because their mother’s bottle feed them with western style infant milk. Many that do not die are drawn into a vicious cycle of malnutrition and disease that will leave them physically and intellectually stunted for life.” (6)

– An episode of the TV show The Mark Thomas Comedy Product in 1999 noted that a sample of baby formula purchased in Mozambique had instructions in only English, though Portuguese is the official language.

– Nestle is known to buy cocoa from suppliers that use child slaves. (2)

– Nestle owns multiple bottled water companies throughout the country.  In Colorado the common available Nestle waters are Arrowhead, Perrier and S. Pellegrino.  They steal water from America towns, re-routing and leaving whole cities without water supplies, so they can sell it in bottles, charging 10 times more than you pay for gasoline, See the documentary “Tapped” for details about this water crisis.

-The food company Nestlé was purchasing palm oil from Sinar Mas, an Indonesian company that has been found, again and again, to be destroying carbon-rich peatlands and rainforests in Indonesia. These practices – documented by Greenpeace in satellite images and photographs – keep pushing the orang-utan closer to extinction and accelerate climate change.

– When laws don’t exist or fail to hold Nestlé to account, it takes public action to force Nestlé to change. Public action can take on many forms, including boycotting Nestlé brands, helping to spread the word about Nestlé’s unethical business practices, and putting pressure on the government to pass legislation that would prevent Nestlé from doing things that put people, animals and the environment at risk. (4)

For a partial list of Nestle products to Boycott see this link

Additional products now include Zuke’s and Z-ridge/Z-Bones.  Nestle also owns commonly recalled Purina and all associated lines. (7)

So what should you buy instead of Zukes, you ask?
A few alternatives to Zuke’s treats are Wild Meadow Farms, Cloud Star, Smiling Dog, Orijen Freeze Dried Treats, Rocky Mountain Dog Treats, Hare of the Dog, Smart Cookie, Furry Friends Biscuit Bakery, Healthy Dogma, Auntie’s Cookie Kitchen and there are many more.

Please help America out and spread the word about Nestle, as well as help your friends find alternatives to popular Zuke’s, and Purina.  Feel free to repost this article, tweet, Facebook, and otherwise share it.  Together we can make a difference and put your money back where it matters to you, in the lasting health of people and their furry friends!


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